Spring planting were | helan county miao “orders” summon the farmers “purse”

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In February, Helan was still warm and cold. After a light snow, it was even more chilly.But is located in Helan County Jingui Town Jingui village vegetable growing greenhouses are everywhere.In recent years, Helan county has vigorously promoted improved varieties and methods, implemented factory and intensive seedling cultivation, and produced thousands of pepper, tomato, watermelon and other vegetable seedlings every year. Through “order” sales, farmers have increased their incomes and become rich, helping rural revitalization.Although the weather has not yet warmed, spring is in the air in Huang Shujun’s greenhouses, where celery, tomatoes, watermelons and other fruits and vegetables are growing happily.Huang Shujun is one of the largest growers in Helan County, responsible for most of the county’s vegetable seedlings, this season is the busiest time of the year for him.Holding a tomato plant, he proudly introduced it to us.”In my hand this is a tomato seedling, like this seedling is now immediately the emergence of seedlings, you see its root system is particularly developed, at present we prepare for the spring cultivation of 5 million celery seedlings, 800,000 tomato seedlings, and all kinds of watermelon, melon, small melon, cherry tomatoes and other eight categories of more than 30 varieties.”Walking into the shed, the smell of wet earth accompanied by the green of the seedlings hit my face, and I saw a scene of busy labor.Three or five vegetable farmers are busy in a tense and orderly way to close the plate for the watermelon seedlings, after careful cultivation of watermelon seedling leaves stretch, showing a vibrant vitality.Ma Guixia, a villager in Jingui Village, Jingui town, has been working in the base for three years. Her main work is seedling, sowing, plate, watering, fertilization and so on. She told reporters that she had basically mastered these seedling technology, and her annual income is also quite good, and there are jobs all the year round.As the largest seedling base in Jingui town, since January this year, the spring seedling work has been fully rolled out, only a little more than a month, covering a total of 800,000 tomato seedlings in 2 greenhouses have all been sown, can meet the planting needs of 400 vegetable greenhouses.Up to now, celery, tomato and other seedlings in the base have all been bred, and the cultivation of watermelon seedlings is nearing the end of march. It is expected that all the seedlings bred in the first crop will be sold and transplanted to the fields that farmers hope.Speaking of their seedling base every year bearing capacity, Huang Shujun some overjoyed.He admitted that at present, the base has 12 greenhouses with a total of 13,000 square meters of seedling beds, and can raise 10 million seedlings at the same time, which can raise 4 crops of seedlings a year, and supply more than 2,000 mu of vegetable greenhouses in Helan County.In addition to ensuring stable annual seedling production, Huang Shujun also strictly controls the selection and cultivation of seedlings and other technical links.”Local methods won’t work, and modern agricultural techniques will help.”Huang shujun said that traditional seedlings rely on artificial, slow speed, low efficiency, seedling survival rate is not high.Selection in the disease-resistant strong, high yield and suitable for large area high quality varieties planted in north, on the basis of the current base is imported and domestic top seedling technique, through the wet soil cultivation, temperature control, control, lighting, ventilation, such as technology, as well as walking type sprinkler, shed heat booster, such as the use of automation equipment, can achieve the growth of seedlings the ideal environment,To ensure the maximum quality of cultivated seedlings.· Compared with the previous independent seedling cultivation by farmers, technological seedling cultivation makes farmers no longer worry about planting risks, and every seed can help people increase production and income.Huang Shujun said that through the selection of high-quality seeds and a series of technical means, the final cultivation of seedlings, not only the seedling rate can reach more than 95 percent, but also to achieve the effect of increasing production.The cooperative mode of “order-type sales” with retailers and large farmers in townships also enables more and more people to enjoy the benefits of scientific and technological seedling cultivation.”Now it is the big growers who place orders to the base, which solves the problem that the seedlings bred cannot be sold.”Huang Shujun smiled cheerfully.At the same time, the base also according to different order needs, in the base to cultivate small tomato, pepper, watermelon, horn melon and other fruit and vegetable seedlings, also let farmers have more choices.In recent years, the base not only undertakes the task of breeding vegetable seedlings in Helan county and even surrounding areas, but also undertakes the important task of breeding cold vegetable varieties in Helan.In the past two years, the base has perfected the combination of “breeding, reproduction and promotion” of vegetables in the form of “branch + base + peasant households”.Relying on advanced seedling technology, we have planted dozens of vegetables, and screened out “Kameki” and “Xiangfei no. 3” and other vegetables with prominent disease and insect pests, covering more than 10 kinds of tomatoes, green beans, sheep horn honey, etc. At present, the promotion rate of selected vegetables has reached 60% in the local area.