Fried hemp flower, cut tiger, write Spring Festival couplets…This Spring Festival children experience the spirit of the New Year

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Zhuzhou Evening News reporter/Dai Lin Turning flour into “butterfly” for Chinese New Year is one of the most ceremonial things in Chinese life, which contains a lot of traditional culture.In this Spring Festival, fried mahua, cut tigers, writing couplets, these children experienced a folk custom.Mixing, rolling, cutting, modeling, frying…This Spring Festival, six-year-old Meng Si finally found out how her grandmother’s delicious butterflies are “transformed”.▲ Children follow grandma to make dough.Mengsi’s grandmother comes from Wugang, Shaoyang. There is a local custom, which is to make fried hemp flowers during the Spring Festival, which is also known locally as “mian gao zi”.In order to let the children know more about the traditional food in their hometown, on New Year’s Eve, my grandmother gave a live demonstration for the children.The children are also full of curiosity, have rolled up their sleeves, to a personal experience.”I cut the dough into pieces, then shaped it by hand, and finally turned it into a butterfly.”Watching the deep-fried butterflies, Meng said it was so much fun to make them.”Paper cutting is a traditional Part of Chinese culture. It’s a good time for children to learn how to cut paper during the Spring Festival.”Luo Lixin teacher is a member of the provincial and municipal art association, often for the local left-behind children volunteer to teach paper cutting skills.In order to make it easier for children in the city to learn, he recorded a paper-cutting teaching video before this year’s Spring Festival.”Fold the red paper in half, draw a draft, and cut out the character wang.”Compared with luo Lixin’s teaching video, nine-year-old Jia Jia silently read the steps, while doing paper cutting.Jia Jia said that this year’s winter vacation homework included the paper cutting project.She said that hong’s paper-cut works are very beautiful and she wanted to try them.However really begin to operate, the discovery is not simple.After more than an hour of practical operation, Jia Jia finally successfully completed, and sent to the home of the cousin.”Printed couplets have no soul, Spring Festival couplets or handwritten feeling.”Song Yu is 12 years old. Before the Spring Festival this year, he and his family returned to their hometown hengyang for the New Year.Song Yu said with a smile, the Spring Festival couplets posted in Zhuzhou before the Spring Festival are bought, very beautiful, but always feel a little less “taste”.This year back home hengyang, he saw a lot of people in the town are writing their own Spring Festival couplets, so also want to try their hands.Just write.With the help of his grandfather, Song yu begged for a writing brush and red paper from a neighbor’s house and found “pairs” related to the Year of the Tiger on his mobile phone.”It’s not that good, but my family agrees with me.”Song Yu modestly said that after writing the Spring Festival couplets, he and his father will stick the Spring Festival couplets on the wall.He said, will strengthen calligraphy practice, the future of the Spring Festival couplets to write their own.Source: Zhuzhou Evening News review: Luo Xiaoling editor: Chen Chen