Nanxi District, Yibin City peishi Town Liubin Primary school: visit and send care to warm people’s hearts

2022-09-23 0 By

On the occasion of the 2022 Spring Festival, Qin Jian, the party branch secretary and principal of Liubin Primary School, Peishi Town, Nanxi District, Yibin City, led the chairman of the labor Union, Tan Xianliang, and the educational director, Gao Shulan, to visit the sick teacher and send him the school’s care and New Year’s blessing.During the visit, the visiting group went deep into the home of the sick teacher, seriously understood the living situation of the teacher, talked about their daily life with enthusiasm, and told the teacher to relax and relax, and introduced the status quo and achievements of the school development, hoping that the teacher could continue to pay attention to the development and change of the school.Put forward valuable opinions and suggestions for the long-term progress of the school’s undertakings.The sick teacher smiled and thanked the school and the union for their care and care.Qin principal said: visiting sick teachers and difficult staff is a routine work of the school, will be carried out regularly every year.Visiting activities make the faculty and staff more closely connected with the school, more profound emotion, a stronger sense of belonging.In the future, Nanxi District Peishi Town Liubin Primary School will further improve the relevant working mechanism, and give more care and help to sick teachers and teachers in difficulties.(Gong Min and Chen Junqing)