Millet, the United States, such as large factory recruitment product structure designer, what skills do you need to master?

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Today, xiaobi summarizes the job recruitment information of various large factories in 2022, such as Huami, Hikvision, Midea, BYD, Huaqin and other well-known large factories to summarize the recruitment requirements of product structure design engineers.If you look at their job requirements, you will find that they have one common characteristic, that is to know the product process.After reading the job requirements, you may say, do I have a chance?What can we learn from this?A: Of course there are opportunities. Opportunities favor those who are prepared. We can find the direction to work hard in big factories from these recruitment information.If you don’t have them, what am I supposed to do?Then you can get the following tutorial to learn, get the material and the full tutorial.How do I get it?Comment area reply: information, after the like, private letter I reply:Creo Software Foundation Full set of video tutorials Creo Surface Foundation Full set of video tutorials Creo Surface Modeling full set of video tutorials Creo Engineering drawings full set of video tutorials Creo structure design full set of video tutorials 3D model materialsThe holidays should be nutritious and happy