Dota2- Chen opens year of the tiger premiere but is hinted at GHS?Water friend: live broadcast ghost can be too show

2022-09-23 0 By

Hello, this is Zwj, captain Dragonfly.We all know that, in the Spring Festival many anchors have chosen this particular holiday off to rest for a period of time, especially large anchors, such as Chen, experienced a “season” the madness of the whole living after their natural also need more time to rest and planning, and in recent days, rest for half a month live don’t Chen finally opened his own launched the year of the tiger…The year of the tiger debuted as a well-known one fish GWY Chen earlier in the year of the tiger coming off a week ago, after a good rest for a period of time Mr. Chen is finally opened his own launched the year of the tiger, and in the open after we started god and live in sichuan and water friends big beefing way: “this time the Chinese New Year cost is too big, to come back to earn a little okay…”Interestingly, when mentioning the expense during the Chinese New Year, many water friends joked that Chen spent so much money because he “tasted tea” too many times. To this, Chen replied: “Let XX fart feed a street in HD district, so I went to pick a regular ear.”Shenzhen king, to send money online while sichuan what god said front foot in this paragraph of time the Chinese New Year that spending is too big, but let’s sichuan god clearly such a thing apart, don’t too care about money so he also opened his own daily live TV dou landlord, as “shenzhen king” of sichuan natural god is in the process of live brought us countless scenes and prepaid phone in the name of the picture…GHS is worth mentioning that, while the water friends were immersed in the various dinner performances of Chuan Shen, there was a little accident in chuan Shen’s broadcast room. Although chuan Shen’s broadcast room returned to normal after a few minutes, there were still many funny water friends (LSP) in the broadcast room joking: “Express GHS!”The barrage in Kawakami’s studio turned yellow, a color never seen before. Even Kawakami was confused.In general, after the Spring Festival, the major anchors in Dota circle will definitely return to the normal rhythm of live broadcast. In the future, we can choose more and more live broadcast rooms, and there will definitely be more and more interesting things and rhythm in the process of live broadcast.In the New Year, I hope our Dota hosts can do more good work to make everyone happy. At the same time, I hope they can stay away from the rhythm and bring us more exciting live programs in the New Year!So what do you think about that?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section, and be sure to click “like” to support a wave.Game # #