Bazhou electric car businesses exposed the United States group riders refit hidden dangers: always too fast enough

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As we all know, the reason why bazhou Meituan employees modify electric cars and headlights without authorization is caused by meituan’s harsh management system.As we exposed in our previous article, Meituan has instituted systems that force its employees to run hard every day in order to maximize profits.After modification, there are too many safety risks.These hidden dangers have caused a lot of potential harm to our society and meituan delivery boy.Below, we listen to a professional for the depth of the dangers of the existence of converted Meituan analysis: (this figure comes from broadcast before article) according to the net friend Mr. Wu (a pseudonym) said: I am a sell electric vehicles, specialized sell before delivery of electric vehicles, but ever since the year before last, I will not sell them, because they are so make me sad.Basically, the people who bought my car were meituan people. After they bought the car, they still didn’t think it was fast enough. They had to modify it.Because I don’t give them modified cars also offended a lot of people, some of them modified high-power motors and controllers, will drive very fast.They ride this kind of ordinary chartered car 800 watt motor per hour in 42 km, 1200 watt motor in 50 km, modified motor per hour easily over 80 km, 90 km.Already beyond the factory set up safe speed, motor 800 watts has already changed to electric motorcycle, according to the regulations of the state should have the motorcycle driver’s license, but to tell the truth, they have already belong to, in the case of not modified electric scooters, in a car’s manual is written in the two rounds of electric scooters,Our ordinary family buy are electric bikes, and their car is not the same.(broadcast) before this figure comes from their vans to belong to driving without a license, they had bought my car, later, the modified, I tell them secretly in my this warranty, please also converted they don’t come to my shop, because I know that the law, I am afraid that I cannot tell you then, I also many times and advised them,They’re fine. Get a driver’s license in advance.Because a lot of food delivery riders have no safety awareness, do not know the brake, which is the front brake which is the rear brake, for electric motorcycle driving knowledge do not know, many new riders at the beginning of the ride always fall, so it is too dangerous.The most dangerous is the tire pressure is too low, many riders do not know, now electric car tires are vacuum tires, there is no inner tube, low pressure tires will suddenly fall down, both to the rider or others are very dangerous, they even do not know the tire pressure is too low, you said how to do the accident.As well as they use lithium electricity, national policy is not allowed in the room charge, but there’s a modified bazhou, all in the room charge, once the dangerous consequences inconceivable, because this kind of the battery of electric vehicle is a total of 6 pieces, up and down the line after a long time will be broken skin pressure caused by short circuit on fire, several cars on fire.You can’t even drive in the city at 80 km/h, their food delivery guys are riding their bikes, faster than cars, the danger is too great.When we see meituan employees riding super-fast vehicles on the highway, running red lights, arbitrarily changing lanes, answering the phone while driving and other violations of traffic laws and regulations, we do not know that as the bottom of the society, there are a lot of unknown bitterness and helplessness behind them.And the black hand that causes all this, it is “beautiful group” inside harsh management system.In order to earn more hard money, the delivery boy has to ride this dangerous vehicle on the road every day, very worthy of our sympathy.(This picture and the following two pictures are from the previous article.) In fact, there have been strict investigations in many places on the disorderly reloading of meituan delivery workers.We see from the news of guangzhou traffic police, said electric bicycle vehicle at the time of manufacture is strict standards for vehicles of various parameters, if the businessman, user modification of vehicles, car body structure, the battery motor driving module, etc.), changed the vehicle structure, exceeded the standard, speeding the phenomenon such as overweight, from the perspective of road safety,It is very easy to cause traffic accidents, causing harm to drivers and road traffic participants, serious and even threatening life safety.According to guangzhou Municipal Regulations on Non-Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles, it is forbidden for any unit or individual to engage in the following behaviors affecting traffic safety:Assembling non-motor vehicles and motorcycles, adding power devices, canopies, seats and other equipment or devices on non-motor vehicles and motorcycles, changing the structure, structure and characteristics of non-motor vehicles and motorcycles, as well as engine, motor power and other technical data, and other activities affecting traffic safety.It is forbidden for any unit or individual to produce or sell assembled, illegally refitted or modified non-motor vehicles and motorcycles.Guangzhou traffic police said they would detain the bikes and ask the owners to remove the illegally installed devices when they retrieve them.From this news, we know that it is illegal to modify delivery vehicles. For the safety of bazhou Meituan employees and bazhou people, we hope relevant departments to investigate all kinds of chaos of Meituan company and make the illegal vehicles disappear from our lives as soon as possible.At the same time, in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Meituan employees, meituan company for many “tyrant clauses”, hope to attract the attention of relevant departments?Let our government departments to protect the rights of Meituan employees!