22:51, women’s basketball Li Meng stranded in Europe, a statement touched the fans, Zheng Wei did not look at the wrong person

2022-09-23 0 By

Beijing time on February 20th, the Chinese women basketball team is still in Serbian security isolation, before this has been reported in the official China women’s basketball team of the Chinese basketball association stranded in Europe, the Chinese women basketball team this a total of 26 people to Serbia, take part in the women’s basketball team World Cup qualifier, in winning three straight and is about to return home,The Chinese women’s basketball team tested positive nucleic acid 2 people for the first time, and then tested 7 people positive, followed by a new positive person, a total of 10 people positive nucleic acid, one of them in the hospital but all normal.But at this stage you most concerned about is actually a women’s basketball team girls point of view, because the Chinese women’s basketball these players average age is small, a lot of young players without too much wind waves, especially of the court, emergency, will obviously for the athletes’ mentality and psychological larger pressure, this is also one of the most frustrating thing,If we can not overcome this psychological barrier, it is likely to affect our future career, which we do not want to see the situation.In fact, the more silent they are, the more worried they become. If they could update their quarantine routine on social media to say they are safe, everyone would be relieved. However, after the incident, they have been silent all the time.This abnormal state actually makes the domestic fans more worried, we also hope that the women’s basketball girls can give us a clear message as soon as possible, want to know how the women’s basketball players now mentality.At 22:51 on the evening of 19th, Li Meng, the core member of The Chinese Women’s Basketball Team, updated her social news, reporting her safety to the outside world, and posted: “I have come to report my safety!!We’re fine, we’re in isolation, but we’re not boring!There is also a good exercise in the room oh hee hee.Rest assured, my family, we will get home safely!Through this dynamic let us feel that the women’s basketball girls at this time of the state of mind is relatively relaxed, also let the majority of Chinese women’s basketball fans suspended heart fall to the ground, this speech also completely moved the fans, but also see li Meng care about the pattern of high, Zheng Wei is right to look at the wrong person.Can see Li Meng basked in the picture there are game consoles, is to add a isolated life fun, also said Li Meng will exercise during the period of separation and so it also conveys the two signals to the world and the one is the mentality is very good, the outside world does not need to worry about and concern, the second point is also in keeping the system training,Because of this unexpected situation, I will not affect my preparation and physical condition, which can be considered as a reassuring to the outside world. We also look forward to the triumphant return of the women’s basketball girls as soon as possible.