22 years of secondary construction engineer municipal engineering core points masonry trench construction, second construction outstanding student notes

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22 years associate constructor core points masonry channel construction, municipal engineering ErJian outstanding student notes, long press forward thumb up + + evaluation continuously updated oh, wen swinging point I head direct messages: 2022 a, the basic requirements (1) (a) materials used in the mechanism of sintered brick masonry structure edges should be neat, smooth surface, size accuracy;The strength grade meets the design requirements, generally not less than MU10.(2) The stone intensity grade used for masonry structure shall meet the design requirements, and shall not be less than 30MPa if there is no design requirement.Stone should be solid, uniform, no weathering peeling layer and crack.(4) Cement mortar shall be used for masonry mortar, and its strength grade shall meet the design requirements, and shall not be lower than M10.(1) Before laying, the foundation or foundation shall be checked to confirm that the middle line elevation and foundation pit (groove) shall meet the requirements, and the bearing capacity of the foundation shall meet the design requirements, and shall be checked and accepted according to the provisions.(2) The blocks (bricks and stones) should be fully wetted before masonry;The proportion of masonry mortar meets the design requirements, and the site mixing system should be evenly mixed and mixed as needed;The level and elevation of masonry shall be controlled by the number of vertical skin rods and sample hanging lines.Masonry shall adopt full paving and squeeze method.Masonry should be up and down staggered joints, inside and outside the building, ding shun regular order.(3) Masonry mortar should be full, masonry joints should be uniform without any open or blind joints, and the surface is smooth.(4) the settlement joint, deformation joint and sealing joint of the masonry should be in an accurate position, the masonry is flat, and the masonry is vertically connected. The joint plate and water stop belt are installed correctly. The settlement joint and deformation joint should be connected with the settlement joint and deformation joint of the foundation.