Xinshao Chenjiafang town a new round of “knock on the door of happiness” visit action in full swing

2022-09-22 0 By

The staff is handing out promotional materials.Rednet moment On January 31 news (correspondent Liu Zhijian Xiao Miao) dong Dong dong, knock on the door sounded again, the voice of the masses never stop……On January 30, chenjiafang town, Xinshao County, a new round of “knock on the door of happiness” to visit the action in full swing.The “knock on the door of happiness” action requires the participation of all town and village cadres.During the event, we did not go through formalities and did not miss a single household. We knocked on doors with our hearts and hearts. While sending Spring Festival greetings to the people in the area, we publicized the epidemic prevention and control policies to the people door by door, and carefully checked the information of people who had recently visited medium-high risk areas, and continued to provide guidance on vaccination services.In view of the recent cold wave during the heating fire safety, propagandists to the masses issued a practical and easy to learn “winter fire safety manual” and “daily safety prevention knowledge publicity book”, solid fill in the “Chen Jiafang town burning coal, burning charcoal heating table”.And through door-to-door preaching, Posting wall charts and other ways, guide the masses to recognize the harm of drugs, remind the masses to strengthen the protection of personal information, do not listen to, do not transfer money, do not give cheater opportunities, further enhance the awareness of prevention of the masses.This activity, the town issued more than 12000 copies of propaganda materials, paste more than 5000 pieces of propaganda wall charts, and timely solve every problem reflected by the masses, won the praise of the masses.