To understand the Tao te Ching and act in accordance with the tao is a natural achievement

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Mr. Red :@ Zhaoqi Swastika – Guangzhou -8 Hospital never answered anything!Your questions come with answers!@ zhaoqi swastika – Guangzhou -8 why bother that bodhi??Swastika puyuan Zhao Qi: directly into the trouble, broken is bodhi, not broken, still reincarnation trouble.Mr. Red: For example, some family members asked me these days: How to integrate body and mind?In fact, can find their own reason for not unity, is already the answer, direct reversal is!Swastika Zhao Qi :[strong][strong][strong][Strong][Strong][Strong] The movement of the way against Mr. Red: But how many people are willing to look for the reason on themselves?All want to eat water strip, find ready-made answers do not want to be quiet, the world will be right!Can you do that?Can you be quiet?If you can do this, the body and the world will become one naturally. This is not what Master Lao Tzu said long ago in the Tao Te Ching. There is also chapter 45: Purity is right for the world!Why is it not clean?To the one!Master Lao-tzu said in chapter 12: Even the saints have no stomach for eyes!Look inward, not outward!What about a yarn?Five colors blind people five sounds deafening people five tastes to ride wild, make people crazy!Family, what answer is not in the Tao Te Ching?Unfortunately, not to read, not to do these are called ignorance ah!What is Ming?Master Lao Tzu in the “Tao te Ching” said clearly, true!After reading the Tao Te Ching, isn’t it fun to read the Sutra?Chapter 27: Attacking the Ming And The Ming…To understand the Tao Te Ching, the answer lies in the Tao te Ching, not in the Kangxi dictionary, not in the words of wen Jie, not in the minds of scholars who know themselves!Please ask each family member: have you achieved self-knowledge?Don’t need master Lao Tzu to solve master himself, who can understand his old man?In fact, the Tao Te Ching is an instruction book for how the universe came to be and if you want to decipher the universe, you can just read the instruction book and the Tao Te Ching is just about three things one, how the universe works two, the relationship between the universe and everything and three, how do you live in the universe?So, just say the way of the day, the way of the people all other explanations are immorality!!Master does not write how people can live well, he can make the world the first person?Near take all the body, far take all things, master Lao Tzu are in metaphor, in order to posterity can understand!Because the law of the universe can be followed by human beings, what line of work, what do is along the way, will be natural, so that there is a soldier to see the thigh patting legalist to see the theft cover mouth doctor read a sudden enlightenment everyone can be enlightened because the universe has been deciphered, what can not be deciphered?Versions are different!But the meaning is the same!Zhang Di: Sir, at the end of the tenth chapter of the Tao Te Ching, it is called Xuande, how does this xuande say Mr. Red: Xuan which chapter also appeared?What is?Then you see xuande a little interesting!Quick to see, today the xuan all find out, then go to read this sentence Mr. Red :@ zhaoqi – Guangzhou -8 hospital you see ha, big things need not become, big things become late.Why do you keep your eyes on the dark and the dark?Instead of seeing it up?No matter what!It takes a little longer to finish.That they all have a common characteristic, this see through is the truth!What do you mean, sooner or later?Mr Red: Damn, it’s already a swastika!Seems to have to hair steamed stuffed bun, already to the goal [expletive][expletive][expletive] really anxious person ah, anxious dead person does not pay for life is not??@ Zhaoqi Swastika – Guangzhou -8 courtyard are not based on automation??Do they need to work?Did you fight?Diligent??Then why did you learn the opposite answer and result!!Mr Red: My family, isn’t the truth worth 10 billion yuan??The Himalayas, no matter hundreds of millions of years, or tens of thousands of years, is automatic!Whether you are 10 months old or 12 months old, it comes out automatically!@ Zhaoqi Swastika – Guangzhou -8 Courtyard all jewelry, aren’t they made automatically?You can sell them!Swastika Zhao Qi: Yes, nature tiancheng [strong] Mr Red: Where the hell is the problem?Why do we live so helpless pain??Red Swastika: If you didn’t come here automatically, you had to go through a painful process of helplessness, who would be willing to come?Thanksgiving all: often know ji type, is called Xuande, Xuande deep yi far yi, and things against yi, and then even dashun.Mr. Red: when mom and dad let us come, did they feel good?If they don’t like it, do they want us here?Sir Is a rough man ha, words rough reason not rough that excuse me: that you do at the moment which thing, is to let oneself cool?We were devastated (இдஇ;) of live opposite, still hold a bang every day, cow force take a luxury car of lightning all become your ancestor a villa let you kneel for a lifetime a beautiful girl beautiful elder brother, let you chew a lifetime toe head people, figure what?Why?Live?Families, wake up!There are ancestors secretly watching, there are children to teach!If we’re gonna live as ghosts, who’s gonna connect to this bloodline?Why do people live, grow old, get sick and die?The rate of cell renewal is slower than the rate of cell aging. What makes the rate of cell aging faster?What if your cells were regenerating faster than they were aging?You are rejuvenating!We have to think about it @zhaoqi Swastika – Guangzhou -8 hospital regression, regression automation, regression is a big thing