The train is about to arrive. The police will send the returning college students to the station

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At 5:40 in the morning of January 22, Huang Hui, a police officer of yanta Branch of Xi ‘an Public Security Bureau, saw several men waving to the police car.”This early morning, affirmation is what urgent matter, let’s go to see.”Huang Hui said to the driver Wang Dong.Immediately, Huang Hui and Wang Dong stopped the car in front of the man.An elderly man quickly came forward and explained that he was a driver for a directly affiliated unit in Xi ‘an city and his job that day was to transport college students to the train station to go home.As a result, a student fell asleep on the train and did not get off at the railway station until the next transfer point, Northwest University of Political Science and Law, we found him.But they still have other transfer tasks, together with the child’s train is about to open, helpless to see the police car to seek help.Follow the direction of the man’s finger, as expected there is a student dragging luggage, standing at a loss.Knowing the situation, Huang Hui immediately inquired about Zhang’s situation and contacted the teacher in charge of zhang’s college.”We are anxious to death, there is an hour train to leave, now poor xiaozhang, trouble you think of ways to help the children.”The teacher sounded anxious over the phone.”Get in, boy!We’ll take you to the train station and make sure you get home.”Huang Hui comforted the students and let them get on the bus while reporting the specific situation to the superior units.At 6 am, the police patrol car stopped near xi ‘an railway station, and Xiao Zhang followed the teacher’s footsteps and ran to the station.Huang Hui was preparing to turn around and return, xiao Zhang suddenly ran back, Huang Hui got off and asked if he had forgotten something.As a result, Xiao Zhang stopped and made a deep bow, saying, “Thank you for your speedy service. Thank you for taking me home.”Huashang Daily reporter Qing Rongbo source: Huashang net – Huashang daily related hot words search: student train police