The party branch of the second fleet of Lanzhou Public Transport New Area company carried out themed Party Day activities

2022-09-22 0 By

(Correspondent Wang Yan) In order to ensure the driving safety of the station and beautify the production environment, the Party branch of the second team of lanzhou Bus Group New District Passenger Transport Company carried out the party Day activity with the theme of “clearing snow and beautifying the environment” on the afternoon of February 6th.The branch organized party members to clean up the snow in Zhouqu Xinyuan station. The party members braved the cold and waved shovels and brooms to sweep and shovel each other. With tacit cooperation, they worked together to clean the snow in the station.Although the outdoor temperature reached minus 20 degrees Celsius, the enthusiasm of everyone working and the strength of unity made this spring day especially warm.After two and a half hours of “struggle”, a smooth road filled with warmth and positive energy was created for the safe travel of personnel and vehicles.Through the theme of the party day activities, further enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the party members, we carry forward the fine style of bus people bear hardships and endure hard work, with practical action to create a safe, beautiful, warm production environment, give full play to the party branch of the battle fortress role and the vanguard role of the Communist party members.