Speaking ancient Prose: Knowing history, knowing people and knowing books makes learning ancient prose easier

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In recent years, great changes have taken place in people’s educational cognition of ancient prose and poetry in primary schools.In April 2014, the Ministry of Education issued the “Guidance Outline for Improving The Education of Excellent Traditional Chinese Culture”, which makes people pay more and more attention to traditional culture.Ancient prose and ancient poetry in the proportion of primary and secondary school textbooks, significantly increased the fact is obvious.Statistics show that the current primary school and junior middle school students are required to master 129 ancient Chinese prose and 132 poems, which are nearly 80% and 51% higher than before.Is there any way to help children learn ancient Chinese poetry better?The answer is in The Ancient Writings that Can Talk.This interesting book with the theme of ancient Chinese poetry takes children on a magical journey to discover the truth behind ancient Chinese literature with vivid and interesting stories, starting with multi-format comics and common misunderstandings about ancient Chinese literature.The author Zhang Zhilu is a famous writer and playwright in China. His works have a great influence on young people. His short stories “Antelope Wood Carving” and so on have been selected into the Chinese textbooks of middle schools in China, and he is the first Chinese children’s literature writer selected into the “Son of the East” column of CCTV.As a companion to Wronged Chinese characters, Talking Ancient Prose, Zhang’s focus on wronged Chinese characters turns to misunderstood ancient poetry, which will lead us to abandon false legends, gossip and quotes out of context, to know history, people and books, and explore the truth behind ancient prose.Knowledge of history: It is easy to be taken as fact by people to abandon false legends and explore true historical legends and stories.A lot of people should have heard of such a legend: or four emperor yongzheng emperor sent martial arts masters, will be in the imperial edict “pass fourteen emperor” in the “ten” word added a horizontal hook, become “pass in four emperor”, so from the 14th brother hands, took the throne.However, this statement can not stand the scrutiny of those who study the truth, because “Yu” is a simplified character, and the Qing Dynasty “Yu” can not be written in three strokes.In addition, real imperial edicts would not only contain the rank of the emperor, but also his title and name. Moreover, imperial edicts of the Qing Dynasty were usually written in manchu, Mongolian and Han languages, so it was obviously impossible to take the throne by changing only one Chinese character.Legends are interesting because of the twists and turns of the plot, but it is very easy to lose our judgment of the real history.In talking Ancient Prose, Zhang Zhilu teaches us not to be blinded by false legends, but to explore the truth behind ancient prose and poetry.For example, “red beans grow in the south”, as many people understand, is it describing love?The book tells the historical background of the original poem, and leads us to discover what the friendship of the poet is trying to express.The ancients discovered the power of gossip: it is easy to take it as fact if enough people tell it.So there is an idiom called “Zeng Shen kills people”.Among them, Zeng Shen is Zeng Zi, a famous thinker in the late Spring and Autumn period who said in Argumentation that he should “examine my body three times every day”.The story of Zeng Shen’s murder is about a man with the same name as Zeng Zi in zeng Zi’s hometown who killed someone. Then someone told Zeng Zi’s mother that Zeng Shen had killed someone.Zengzi’s mother said: I believe my son, he will not kill anyone.It wasn’t long before another man came and said the same thing, but Zengzi’s mother still didn’t believe him.But after a while, someone came back and said that Zeng Shen had really killed someone.Zengzi’s mother’s confidence in her son’s character began to waver, and she even ran away because she believed the rumors.Even a man as virtuous as Zeng Shen, who had been so much maligned by rumors that his mother, who had trusted him so much, began to believe them instead of Zeng Zi.Therefore, Teacher Zhang Zhilu tells us that in order to truly understand ancient prose, we need to recognize the real person in history.In the ancient Writings that Can Talk, Zhang introduces us to cao PI, the different Emperor of Wei, and makes us wonder if the Poem of seven steps was really a poisonous ploy to kill his younger brother.Everyone is familiar with the story of qi qi, who worries about a man who worries every day whether the sky will fall down. So the idiom qi qi is often used to describe those who worry unnecessarily.But in fact, the above is only the beginning of the original story. There are four characters in the story of Lie Zi. We cannot understand what the author really wants to express by only looking at the beginning of the story.The full story should be that after worrywart, a friend persuaded him not to worry, saying that the sky is the air, so the sky will not fall.As a result, the “qi people” worry more, saying that if the sky is the air, what if the sun and moon fall down?The friend immediately said, the sun and moon are also air, also can not fall down.The alarmist was relieved.After listening to their conversation, a man named Changlu was amused. He refuted their “unreasonable” friend, saying, Why can’t the sky be bad? There is nothing in the world that can’t be bad.The “alarmist” is right to worry, but wrong to say that the weather will not be bad.At this time the train son just appeared, say: you three say of all wrong!It is not right to say that the sky will be bad, it is not right to say that the sky will not be bad, because whether it is bad or not, we will not live to see that day, whether it is bad or not, is none of our business.The original liezi said “worrywart”, is to say that he opposed worrywart, also opposed worrywart completely do not worry about the day, he advocated that you can think about the day will not collapse, but should not be blind to worry about.In “Wronged Chinese Characters,” Zhang Zhilu leads us to find the true meaning of ancient texts such as “think before you act” and “You can die before you hear the tao” without taking the words out of context.In the end, the children joke that there are three mountains in learning Chinese: ancient prose, composition and Zhou Shuren.Ancient prose is certainly at the top of the list, but indoctrinating children by rote memorization of ancient poems and prose is hardly a positive result.If we compare ancient prose to flood, gun used rote memorization to control water by plugging it.The correct way to learn ancient Chinese prose should obviously be da Yu’s control of water: do not fight against the nature of children, and actively stimulate their interest.Ancient prose poetry is the treasure of the Chinese traditional culture, the language for the king’s education era, learn to “talking prose” in the right way to know history, known, book, can stimulate the ancient prose initiation stage of child’s study interest, more children of the ancient prose a certain basis, effectively expanding knowledge, let the ancient prose is no longer a children learning is difficult to climb the mountain.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to xiao Qiao talk poetry