Real trumpchi shadow leopard, the whole system 177 horsepower + front and rear independent suspension, 98,300, is worth getting?

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Sports cars have become a hot new category in the current market, especially those domestic compact sports cars that can lock the price within the price range of 100,000 to 200,000 yuan. With the improvement of domestic manufacturers in three aspects, these products are beginning to be happy to be seen by consumers.Today to see one of them, is to 98,300 yuan from the sale of GaC Trumpchi shadow leopard, its entry into the market was highly concerned about the market.Can be hundreds of thousands of cars, car needs are different, it is choosing a car for you whether “worth it”?We take the 10800 yuan 2021 270T Leopard J11 edition as an example to provide you with a comprehensive reference: exterior design on the design of the front, the hexagonal large size of the intake grille with black spray design, only the car logo to maintain chrome silver.The guide holes at both ends of the bumper adopt multi-layer three-dimensional turbulence style, and the layered change of folding can further optimize the aerodynamic structure of the body;At the same time, the outside of the diversion hole also provides cooling holes, and the lower end is covered with a moving turbulence front lip to enhance the downforce of the nose.In the design of headlights, irregular headlights with varying degrees of undulating tilt, its inside is lower than the grille frame, the outside is higher than the body panel.The diurnal running light in the lamp chamber adopts the zonal longitudinal strip light band, while the near and far light light has its own independent interval. Through the fluctuation of the structure of the lower edge, the visual motion changes are rich.On the side design, the length, width and height of the body of Shadow Leopard are 4700/1850/1432mm, and the wheelbase of the body is 2736mm. The waist line adopts a high position layout, and presents a three-dimensional muscle feeling. There are multiple subsidence ups and down on the door panel, creating rich light and shadow effects for the body.In addition, the C-pillar adopts the sliding back treatment, with the metal chrome trim on the top of the window, the shadow leopard will be more slender than the actual size.In terms of rear design, although there is no independent spoiler tail, the duckling tail structure from the back dive zone has a significant upturn.Relatively speaking, the tail door size and opening are relatively small, rear bumper structure and guard plate surrounded by higher lift.Meanwhile, inside the bumper, there are lights, diffusers and special-shaped metal exhaust pipes with a dual design that optimizes motion vision.In the design of the taillight, the slender light band is l-shaped at the top of the taillight, which not only contains the profiler lamp and brake lamp, but also brings eye-catching lighting effect through dense high-brightness light beads.In the central control design of interior design, the integrated suspension screen is inlaid in the sunken upper baffle, and the air conditioning outlet runs horizontally through the bottom of it, while the lower layer is surrounded by an independent air conditioning console in the center.The shift mechanism uses a coherent disposal of an inclined layout, with a push-rod type handle placed in the center with different adjustment rollers at both ends.In addition, the baffle section of the central control will be integrated with the design of the door panel, forming a structural surround.Decorative materials, shadow leopard’s central control with soft texture decoration cover, and with chrome and paint panel double decoration under the air conditioning outlet with a soft leather package, the material and the handrail surrounded.At the same time, in the position of door handle and shift mechanism, GAC Trumpchi also provides the shadow Leopard with imitation carbon fiber texture decoration, together with leather seats with side surround support, and the cabin has clear motion attribute.In the vehicle system, there is no complete intelligent interconnection system in the 10.25-inch touch screen, but it can still realize many entertainment interconnection functions through CarPlay, CarLife and HiCar, and has remote control and reversing image system.In addition, this version does not support navigation, voice and other built-in functions, entertainment rely on mobile phone connectivity.On board, the Shadow Leopard can realize adaptive cruise driving, and has lane departure warning/lane keeping assistance/road traffic identification and active braking system.Inside the cabin, the vehicle also has an electric sunroof, an induction rear door, a keyless system and a separate rear air outlet, while the optional all-glass panoramic sunroof cannot be opened.In terms of cabin space, the 178cm tester gained 1 punch + head space in the front seat, and at the same time, the head space in the back seat was close to 1 punch, and the leg allowance was close to 2 punches.The floor heave is slight and does not affect foot placement much.In terms of mechanical structure powertrain, all the models are equipped with a Giant Wave 1.5T turbocharged engine, which has a maximum power of 130kW(177Ps) and a maximum torque of 270N·m. The transmission is matched with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch transmission, and despite the lack of 2.0T or four-wheel drive options,However, it can still achieve 0-100K /h acceleration in 6.95 seconds and achieve NEDC combined fuel consumption as low as 5.7L/100km.Chassis suspension, Shadow Leopard adopts the combination of front McPherson + rear multi-link type independent suspension, which emphasizes certain sporty in the adjustment. The rear bridge is accompanied by a good sense of lateral support, which can slightly increase the dynamic driving pleasure of Shadow Leopard and meet the control needs of families and young consumers.In the end, GAC Trumpchi leopard entered the market at the price of 98,300 yuan, which would not have strong comprehensive competitiveness if it were placed on a standard sedan car or three years ago.However, as gaC and other big carmakers have strong hardware, including Giant Wave power, they are already in a position to take on the joint venture.Besides, now we see the sub-low matching shadow Leopard has provided a good basic visual design, although the intelligent configuration is less, may experience performance and visual impact with this, shadow Leopard is still worth most consumers start.