Professional drug tester: Practitioners are mostly college students with a monthly income of more than 10,000 yuan. Some become “elephants” after drug testing.

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Few people know, there is a special mysterious group around us, they use their own body for the price, in order to test drugs, in exchange for thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars a month.Some of them are seriously ill, some of them are poor in their families and take the road of professional drug testing, and some of them are young and healthy and want to enter this mysterious industry even at the expense of breaking their heads.This is a professional drug tester.Professional testers now have a job offer on the table.Seven days of food and accommodation, what do not have to do dirty work, just lying on the hospital bed, brush mobile phone, there are gentle and beautiful nurse care, check your physical condition, after seven days to return you tens of thousands of dollars of reward.Would you like to do it?A large number of new drugs are launched every day in China, and clinical drug trials are carried out almost every day.Search for keywords on various job websites, and you’ll find a variety of applications for volunteer drug testers, all of whom must be healthy.Some people wonder, why does it have to be a healthy volunteer, why can’t it be a sick person?Isn’t it easier to see at a glance if the patient is given the appropriate medicine?According to state regulations, before a new drug can be marketed, it must undergo phase III clinical trials. Phase I clinical trials must be conducted in healthy people, and Phase II and III clinical trials must be conducted in patients who meet the corresponding conditions of the new drug.Because the safety and side effects of drugs are not always visible in patients, they can only be observed in healthy people.After some drugs are tested on animals, they are tested on healthy people to see if they are safe, and finally on patients to see if they work.Now, the instructions for use and dosage, as well as the details of adverse reactions, are not invented out of thin air, but are experienced after human trials, and finally sealed in black and white along with the drug.Before the drug trial, a physical examination is required, and an informed consent form is signed after all conditions are met, which includes the contents of the trial, the relationship of responsibilities and rights of all parties, and the risks of the drug trial.Many people are attracted by the attractive salary, but often ignore the risk of testing drugs, or may be aware of it, but because of luck and the desire for money, choose to ignore.It’s a drug with three poisons. It may not be a problem at first, but the damage accumulates, especially for people who take it frequently.Once people have tasted the taste of quick money, it is hard to get rid of this temptation, and most people will frequently try drugs to make money.There is a young boy, the first drug, effortless hands more than two thousand, tasted the sweet he will not stop, but many times to try the drug to earn quick money.Over two or three years, he tried a dozen drugs.Eventually, his weight skyrocketed, his face became paralyzed, and his heart became permanently damaged.In one tragic case in the UK, six volunteers who were taking part in a trial of a new drug suffered severe allergic reactions shortly after receiving an injection.It’s like something out of a disaster movie, and in the blink of an eye, the peaceful observation room turns into a living hell.Many of them fell down screaming, tearing at their clothes, vomiting and fainting. Some of them screamed as if in great pain and desperately appealed to the doctor for help.The most severe case was a 21-year-old boy whose head and neck had tripled in size, his nose had been squashed and his legs were horribly black and purple.The girlfriend of one of the test subjects breaks down in tears, and her handsome boyfriend is transformed into a bloated, horrible, ugly monster with a debilitating condition.The tragedy came to be known as the elephant Man incident.”College students testing drugs” some people even summed up a formula: money divided by the number of days, is the risk of testing drugs.At least tens of thousands of people are engaged in the drug testing industry in Beijing, as the salary for a drug test ranges from 100 yuan to thousands of yuan, and many make a living from it.The temptation to lie there for a few days and get 996 months ‘wages for someone else’s life was too great.The number of occupational drug trials is increasing every year. According to statistics, in 2021, there are about 500,000 people in China’s occupational drug trials, among which the proportion of young college students is as high as 80%.There is an effect in economics called the “ratchet effect”, in which it is easy for a person’s consumption level to go from low to high, but once high consumption level is established, it is difficult to go back down.That is to say, “it is easy to go from thrift to extravagance, but difficult to go from extravagance to thrift.”This sentence can also describe the consumption situation of college students. College students are in a semi-independent state of economy, and there are many people who spend money extravagantly and without restraint after entering college.Expensive cosmetics, luxury handbags, game consoles, love expenses, money flowing like water.But after all, college students are not completely economically independent, and most of them have to rely on the monthly living expenses from their families. When the living expenses are spent, they really have no money.A lot of people are looking for ways to make money: quick money, short cycle, more money.Some students take out loans on various platforms, overdraw consumption, and finally try drugs to make money in order to pay back the campus loans.Peremptively formed a group of “college students trying drugs”.Random pull a few line up to go to the young people, some face evasive, some big square, calm to tell.”Why did you come to test it?Aren’t you afraid?””I have loans to pay. I owe over forty thousand dollars on campus loans.”Those who are not short of money will not move the idea of the drug test, while the college students who come to test the drug ask three people, two of whom owe a lot of loans.Tan Peng is also a college student. When he was a freshman, he began to consume in advance, such as spending bai and ious. When he spent it, he always felt that it was not his own money without too much burden.It wasn’t until the bills piled up and a reminder came at the end of the month that reality set in: he still had to pay what he owed.Every month cost of living is just more than 1000, cannot afford the reimbursement amount of 1000 pieces at all, then infinite installment, this month still does not go up put down month, arrears roll more like snowball more.Finally, I had to rob Peter to pay Paul. Before I graduated, I owed a total of 20,000 or 30,000 yuan.Tan Peng tried to do a part-time job, with a monthly salary of more than 2,000 yuan, and four or five thousand yuan for repayment. Where can he earn the rest?Later, he came into contact with the drug testing industry, and began the road of drug testing.Fortunately, Tan Peng himself is a medical student, contact is not shady intermediary, but directly found the research center.In his junior year, he went to Beijing to test drugs for the first time. When he entered the lobby of the research center, dozens of test takers, many of them young men, were already sitting inside.Silently, Tan sat down and waited for the sign-in, knowing that the boys’ backgrounds and goals were the same as his own.It was a messy process, signing seven or eight pages of consent forms, getting medical checkups for various items.After passing the test, all were told to eat a light diet and refrain from drinking alcohol, tea, coffee, fruit juices, carbonated drinks, etc. They were then given numbered wristbands and taken to the ward where they would be staying for the next ten days.Like a college dormitory, Tan shared a hospital room with three other young men. After a chat, he found that all four were college students.During the ten days, Tan peng’s daily routine had never been so regular. Every meal was a standard nutritious meal. In his spare time, he chatted, read and played games with his roommates, making the ward a little paradise.Blood was drawn every day, and everyone was left with pinpricks on their arms.After the end, Tan Peng finished the test and left the hospital.Recalling the life of these ten days, Tan Peng was actually some reluctant to give up, after all, there is no pressure, be taken care of in every possible way to feel really good.Soon after, his salary arrived in his account — nearly eight thousand dollars.After that, Tan tried the drug several times and was paid a lot of money. There were also adverse reactions during the trial, and his health condition became substandard and he could not pass the physical examination.But Tan Peng is not going to do, the ancient Shennong taste baicao, today there are male college students because of poverty and drugs, he and the saint can not be compared.Tan peng is more aware than many people in the mire: making money from testing drugs is not a long-term solution.Besides, he had paid off the debt and was going to give up the business and take care of his health.College drug testers are always popular, highly educated, easy to deal with, young and healthy, and able to express their physical reactions during the test.There are also a lot of people become drug testing intermediaries, to provide channels for people who want to work, in which they draw commission, earn high intermediary fees.Drug companies and hospitals are strict about the physical conditions of people who try drugs, so the elimination rate is as high as 80%.But the intermediary is full of money only, behind the drug industry has formed a black interest chain.For agents, the more heads they have, the better to earn their fees, so they won’t let anyone off lightly who wants to test drugs.”No illness, no blood donation, no medication within three months.””If you have, don’t tell me. Hide the hand with the eye of the needle. Change the other one.””Quick quick, drink more water, speed up the metabolism!”This is how drug testing agents teach people who are not up to the standard to cheat and how to get by.Reporter investigation found that most of the predecessor of drug testing intermediary are drug testing people, they found that when the intermediary is more profitable, the risk is low, so began to do professional drug testing agent.Manager Su is a drug testing agency, he was originally a professional drug testing person, started in college, work for three years.He told the reporter about his own years of testing people’s feelings, was reassured that the first time to do this is not a problem, but his heart still tremble.But after trying once, found that there is really no big problem, in addition to some nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, recovery is still alive, after holding a generous salary, the in the mind again ready to move.Then there were the second and third times. The temptation of money overcame the psychological pressure, and he only did it two or three times in college, not daring to try more.After graduation, he became a professional drug tester, more than five or six times a year.As the number of more frequent, more nervous, and then the transition to do intermediary, also can make money, but also do not have to their own health at the cost of why not.Asked to do professional drug test people have threshold, Su manager told reporters, healthy on the line, the rest is to comply with the regulations during the test, avoid alcohol, tobacco, coffee and so on.College students are popular, because their time is free and easy to adjust, and it is almost impossible for office workers to disappear for more than ten days to stay in hospital for observation.Therefore, in addition to college students, many people who find intermediaries to try drugs and make money are at their wits’ end.One of the most common scenes drug testing agencies have seen is people carrying luggage, dusty and looking embarrassed, huddled in lines of young people waiting for a physical examination.Qualified extremely happy, be knocked out of the soul, despair cry also have, and people collapse to find the intermediary to introduce him, ask him to think about their way.Because for some people, testing drugs is their only hope of earning more money.Yu Po, 38, a senior citizen, found a job testing drugs on a recruitment website.Yu Po was scared when the hospital first called to admit him, but he got more than 2,000 yuan three days later.And he and Tan Peng feel the same, the hospital tube eating tube living environment is good, it moved the idea of long-term trial, thought by trial, a year can earn fifty or sixty thousand.And he’s confident in his physical condition.”You take any number of people and ask them why they are in this industry,” Yu said.Yu Po poured a glass of wine and gulped it down. “It’s just for money!”His friend Ren Tianyue shook his head. He was also a tester, but he had his own opinion about the industry after his mother died of cancer.Ren Tianyue felt that many people in this industry did not hold a correct attitude, some subjects gave him medicine, he did not know what the medicine is called, what use, give him he took, the last only one purpose, is to get money.The subjects were not allowed to repeat the trial for three months, but some of them made a career out of it, tried it at the same hospital, and soon after, managed to get people to change their ID cards, erased their data, and rushed off to another hospital to earn more.In Ren tianyun’s opinion, when a drug tester tries a drug, what he gets is not a few thousand yuan, but a contribution to the future of other patients and a protective umbrella for them.After a heated argument at the wine table, Yu Po shouted: “Tell me, out of ten thousand people in the drug testing industry, is there one such person as Ren Tianyue?”Yu Po thought, who would be so noble, not to give money to sacrifice their bodies are farts.Yu Po knew he was in it for the money, and the more money he had, the more he would be attracted to it.Wan got the money, but Yu Po was not happy, and his heart was heavy as if it were a heavy stone.He was afraid that one day the drug would suddenly take hold and become so severe that he would die.The injection into his skin has now become a time bomb in The heart of Yu Po, who knows one day, suddenly detonated.Ren is still campaigning for the drug testing industry to be recognized by society. He calls for more attention to the rights of the drug testing community, and he hopes that one day the industry will be safer and more secure.Although testing drugs is not illegal, people often do it in secret, and he hopes the industry will become more light and meaningful.Not all people can do tan Peng as sober, do not hold the fluke psychology to do the drug test, you think they can endure the temptation, thought to do this a few times, through the immediate difficulties on the end.But can it really be done?There is no end to human desire, lying to earn quick money is how many people dream of things, some people now want to earn some quick money first emergency, but when the emergency?Are you sure you won’t go down that road again for other high-spending needs, like buying a car or a house?Rich and poor people are more fair, is a life, life and health is their own.Any profession is a product of social development, but there is still a long way to go before it becomes sunny or gray.Those who truly realize the significance of the drug testing industry, and strive to make it more meaningful, and regard drug testing as a means to make quick money, need to overcome their own laziness and consumption habits.No one should be free to criticize the decisions of others, for the sake of money or dedication, but those involved must know for themselves what they are paying.No matter what health and health is their only capital, do not make yourself too late to regret.