OB kan ball: official announcement: Traore joined Barca!Inter milan sign cesedo!

2022-09-22 0 By

In the last few days, Barcelona have officially announced that they have signed Spanish winger Traore Oppe on loan.And this loan deal is quite good, they are a form of loan joining.There is an optional buyout clause in the contract, and the price is about 30 million euros.As things stand, if only he was a little better, Barcelona would have signed him to their team.Because like this team, it really needs a lot of performance and form.The player made his debut in la Masia’s youth camp, so he has great affection for Barcelona.He also wants to open up a better tempo in the team, so that he can create a better future.Inter also made a very important announcement that they have successfully signed Genoa striker Casedo, and they have done the same thing by buying the player on loan.The player has played 10 games for the club this season and is now 33 years old.Two of those games were in the starting line-up and scored one goal and two assists for the team.From the performance above, it is commendable, at least can get the recognition of the vast majority of people.I don’t know if he can usher in a new breakout period after joining inter.Iharo has also been linked with a move, and in the last two days, Saudi league club Riyadh Crescent have officially announced that they have signed the 32-year-old player to their team.The player has played for many teams and has played a lot of games in our Chinese super League.So a lot of people are very familiar with him, after all, it’s really a very familiar face.He went on to play for Manchester United, but it was very bumpy anyway.