New Year’s Walk in Lanshan, Yongzhou: car slides into drainage ditch, electricians help warm people

2022-09-22 0 By

Rednet moment February 5 news (correspondent Peng Liangjun Yang Cuiqiang) “thank you very much for the electricity company teachers, I wish a happy New Year, smooth work!”Its morning of February 3, yongzhou Peng Liangjun power supply company employees, communist party member services such as Yang Cuiqiang players, drove to yongzhou lanshan county JingZhu milford ice cover electricity, over 081 adai bottom near the village ran into a car stuck in the gutter, risk falling into the paddy fields, “danger is the command,” bao electric staff looked at hand without hesitation,Concerted efforts to help the car smoothly “out of danger”, the past people have been praised.9 o ‘clock that morning, because the road is slippery, the road vehicles more, a black off-road car in the process of meeting the car front wheel inadvertently into the roadside ditch empty, rear wheel also has two-thirds of the tire empty, have fallen into the paddy field danger, the owner at a loss, anxious for assistance.At this point, its yongzhou electric power supply company dongfanghong (azalea) of the communist party service ice cover electric team pass through, they see this kind of situation, seek to jack without saying anything, wood tools, such as electric team division of labor cooperation, some stone, brick tyres, find some help drivers drive, some carts, “just come on, just come on”,The car front wheel finally put forth effort, after nearly half an hour’s efforts, finally the car on the road.At the moment, the owner of the car is happy to thank, for the electricity team members to send New Year’s greetings, electricity team members to the car owner back to thank, and set foot on the anti-ice power journey.Since Jan. 31, yongzhou lanshan county suffered a severe ice disaster weather, its yongzhou power supply company has always been adhering to the “people’s power for the people” company purpose, take concrete actions to interpret “bear as does the practical work for the masses”, the broad masses of party members and cadres and staff to cancel the Spring Festival holiday, all-weather hold on the job,Carry out the Spring Festival electricity protection, anti-ice power protection work, unite as one, send power in the snow, carefully protect the people’s warm and happy year.