Life, the most devalued two behavior, I hope you are not

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At the end of the small north from the time of birth, we began to learn to be a man, sensible, will give yourself a set of standards to be a man, know what kind of people can not contact.Ingrate, for example;Another example is the evil man.We will not associate with such people, and we know that such people should not associate with them. We have been taught from childhood to be an honest gentleman, not a sinister person.In fact, a person’s stand or fall is not determined by himself, but by others.You don’t need to say yourself to be successful, others will know that if you are not successful, even if you show off, there is no use.To be a man, these two behaviors are particularly devalued. If you have them, you’d better correct them immediately, otherwise it is lifting a rock to drop on your own feet.If not that is the best, life will be happy.Frankly speaking, being smart in life is a good thing and an advantage.But smart-aleck is not.This kind of behavior, on the surface seems to be nothing, in fact, will suffer a great loss.The TV drama “Romance of The Three Kingdoms”, Yang Xiu is how to die, I believe many friends know, nothing more than wise.Had he concealed his cleverness, he would not have been killed.If you’re sharp enough, you’ll see that the really smart people are actually smart people who don’t show off.Don’t assume that superficial praise from others is a good thing. It may destroy you.Once read fable story, feeling very deep: there is a donkey is very stupid, but it likes to think wise.Once the master let it carry a bag of goods, because the weight of goods is not light, it was swearing all the way to the river, accidentally tripped over a stone, fell into the river.At this moment, the donkey was very angry and felt that he had been very unlucky.Just when it thought it would take a lot of effort to get up, it suddenly found that it was not needed at all. The load was much lighter than before.It turned out that the cargo he was carrying was salt, which became lighter when it was watered, and it would get lighter and lighter.The Donkey was delighted. He had come to the conclusion, just as Columbus had come to the discovery of a new continent, that when you drop something into water it becomes lighter.Then his master asked him to carry the load. The load was not heavy at all, but the Donkey wanted to make it lighter.So, when it came to the river, it deliberately fell down, thought that the cargo would become lighter after encountering water, but did not expect the cargo was heavier, it almost could not climb up.At first the donkey did not know why, but soon realized that it was carrying cotton.Though it knew, it was too late and could only carry on with its heavy load.After walking for a while, he became overwhelmed and fell to his knees, never to get up again.If the donkey had thought otherwise and listened carefully to the opinions of others, it would not have come to this. But now it was too late.Born to be human, you know, really smart people, they never show off, they don’t get smart by mistake.And those who like to play smart people, in fact, is short-sighted, can only see the immediate interests.Such a person will never amount to much in life.02: Always full of negative energy, like complaining about a thing, you use what attitude, will get what kind of results.In other words, if you’re positive, you’ll get positive results, and if you’re negative, you’ll get negative results.When a person is full of negative energy, they can’t do a lot of things well. They get stuck in their own world and feel like they are the unluckiest person in the world, so they start complaining.Even if there were others worse off, he couldn’t see it.As everyone knows, your present state is how enviable, but you do not know it.My friend Forrest Gump used to be a negative person. He didn’t want to work hard. He thought his life was so sad that he even lost interest in the world.He might still be like this if he hadn’t been at a friend’s party.At a friend’s party, he met a friend who had had his arm amputated because of a car accident as a child.Gump: I thought he’d be miserable, but I didn’t see it in him.Forrest: Don’t you think you’re unlucky?I only have one arm. But you know how many people in the world have lost both arms, how many people have lost both arms and legs, and how many people even living is a luxury. I’m so lucky compared to him.Forrest: I don’t think I’m the most unlucky person in the world. I found all the negative energy by myself. Compared with others, I’m really lucky.From then on, Forrest Gump no longer have negative energy, no longer complain all day long, but actively face life, now live very happy.Negative energy is like a poisonous snake. It can make you miserable. You have to deal with it positively in order to get rid of the cloud.If a person is always immersed in pain, or even constantly spreading negative feelings, then he can not feel the joy of life.In addition, they will constantly deny themselves, unable to find the meaning of life.Who wants to be with a person who is full of complaints and negative energy?Doing so won’t benefit you or the people around you. It will only make you look depressed and difficult to get along with.For the rest of your life, I want you to know that your day is your own. What you live like is up to you, and how you feel about it is your own experience.Happy is a day, unhappy is a day, how to choose, it is up to you.So, in the days to come, I hope you don’t do a smart guy, not to let negative energy full of their life.Only in this way, can you lead a happier life and live a life envied by others.Author introduction: end small north, young writer, marriage problem consultant, engaged in psychological counseling for 13 years, if you have confusion about love and marriage, you can give me a message oh.