Its GDP exceeded 400 billion yuan, and its industrial output value was the first to exceed one trillion yuan in any municipal district in China

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China Economic Herald, China development network news Hu Zhao Yu Na reporter PI Zehong reported the Spring Festival after the first day of construction, Shunde in Guangdong ushered in good news.The economic performance of Shunde in 2021 was released. The total GDP of Shunde reached 406.438 billion yuan, ranking first in the whole city.The industrial output value of municipal districts was the first to exceed 1 trillion yuan, reaching 1.142.16 trillion yuan, demonstrating strong resilience and building up momentum for a good start in 2022.Manufacturing industry is the foundation of the district, and scientific and technological innovation is the source of power.This year is the beginning of the construction of high-quality development pilot demonstration zone in Shunde. Shunde firmly holds the industry as the ballast stone of the real economy. From the industrial scale to the system pattern, from scientific and technological innovation to capital operation, the driving force of innovative development accelerates to gather, becoming a bright color in the tide of high-quality development of county economy in China.According to statistics, in 2021, THE GDP of Shunde was 406.438 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 8.2%. From the variation trend of GDP in the past five years, the GDP of Shunde steadily ranked the first in the city.The industrial performance was stable and improved, and the position of the manufacturing region became more solid.In 2021, Shunde’s industrial development defied the difficulties and showed strong resilience in overcoming difficulties such as off-peak power consumption, high prices of bulk raw materials, and the difficulty in obtaining a warehouse for export trade, showing good performance in the annual report card.The total industrial output value reached 1,142.16 billion yuan, taking the lead in surpassing one trillion yuan in the country’s municipal districts, of which the added value of industries above designated size reached 20.788 billion yuan.Investment in fixed assets increased qualitatively, and industrial investment grew rapidly.In 2021, fixed asset investment in Shunde increased by 11.3 percent year-on-year.In 2021, shunde will list 86 key construction projects above the municipal level, with a total investment of 307.783 billion yuan, ranking first among the five districts in terms of project quantity and total investment.Projects such as Silver Star service robot, Lanfatty, Eston, Zhongshi and Zhongda Southern China headquarters have been introduced successively. Local enterprises such as Midea, Country Garden, Lianso, Galanz and Yunmi have set off a boom of capital increase and production expansion.The scale of foreign trade has reached a new level.In 2021, the total foreign trade volume of the region was 248.150 billion yuan, accounting for 40.3% of the city, with a year-on-year growth of 22.5%.Exports totaled 205.55 billion yuan, up 20.0% year on year;Imports reached 42.60 billion yuan, up 36.4% year on year.Listed corps “Shunde plate” performance valiant.There are 6 newly listed enterprises in the district, totaling 37 in total (including the association), accounting for more than half of the city and leading in the national municipal districts.At the beginning of this month, the list of 23 listed reserve enterprises in Shunde has been released. In the next five years, no less than 200 listed reserve enterprises will be identified to reserve a group of hierarchical and powerful listed reserve enterprises.Market entities are growing rapidly.Over the past year, The ease of business environment in Shunde has made remarkable achievements. The total number of market entities in Shunde exceeded 320,000 for the first time, and 288 new market entities were registered every day, a record high.Revenue grew steadily. Revenue in the local general public budget reached 27.401 billion yuan, up 7.6%.People’s living standards continued to improve.Prices remained stable throughout the year, and the consumer market continued to recover. The consumer price Index (CPI) rose by 1.2%, in line with the national trend (0.9%) and the provincial trend (0.8%).The total retail sales of consumer goods reached 118.308 billion yuan, an increase of 7.8% over the previous year.The annual per capita disposable income was 67,500 yuan, up 9.7 percent year on year.