Indonesia suspends more than 1,000 mines!Open on Monday and boom!8 straight up to the closing plate!Will 304 go back to 21,000?

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Off to a great start!8 straight up!Indonesia suspends more than 1,000 mines!Off to a great start!If Indonesia suspends more than 1, 000 mines for too long, it could push up nickel prices.Most stainless steel units will be on holiday around January 18, 2022.Compared with the steel price on January 18, the price of Dongte 304 has increased by 550,316 L by 1150;Tisco 304 has risen 700-1000 yuan,316L has risen 700-900 yuan;304 has increased by 800-1000 yuan,316L has increased by 1300-1500 yuan.Return to 2021 rally!Excited!In 2021, the market ups and downs, Castle Peak Hongwang 304 cold rolling up more than 8000 / ton in the year, at the end of September reached the peak of the year, then began to fall.On December 31, 2021, compared with January 9, 2021, Castle Peak Hongwang 304 cold rolling has risen 2800-2850 yuan/ton, Castle peak 304 hot rolling large plate has risen 2600 yuan/ton!201 rose 2050!Qingshan Hongwang 201 cold rolling up 4550 yuan/ton or so, in mid-October reached the peak of the year, then began to fall.Disclaimer: The above content is reprinted from micro LINK renewable resources, the content does not represent the position of this platform.National Energy Information Platform Tel: 010-65367702, email:, Address: People’s Daily, No.2 Jintai West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing