Hexi signed for “spring single” 12 projects signed headquarters economy nearly half

2022-09-22 0 By

Northcn.com: Recently, hexi District signed contracts with 12 projects including the national headquarters of Lewen Medical, regional headquarters of Haier Clothing Networking, National Headquarters of Japanese new drugs, and Bohua Digital Economy Industrial Park at the 2021 Outstanding Enterprises commendation conference in Hexi District.In 2022, Hexi District will accelerate 76 key construction projects, with a total investment of 79.69 billion yuan and an annual planned investment of 13.2 billion yuan.Reporters found that in the field of signed projects, the national headquarters, regional headquarters projects have five, accounting for nearly half, involving industries including digital economy, new energy, finance, high-end services, but also related to the people’s livelihood of the health industry, cultural and commercial projects.Delegates of 14 investment attraction consulting units were awarded and 40 outstanding enterprise representatives were awarded prizes.The 229 commended enterprises collected 2.167 billion yuan in tax last year, accounting for 44 percent.”This year we will focus on three areas — hq economy, platform economy and digital economy.”Wang Ying, director of Hexi District Commerce Bureau, said, “For example, we will continue to build the new Badali digital economy industry cluster, and promote the further improvement of the number, quality and industrial scale of enterprises;Relying on the good opportunity of the construction of Chentang Science and technology business District to develop our headquarters economy and design industry.(Sun Chang, Jinyun News Editor)