Beijing Winter Olympics | ‘Wind listeners’ on snowy mountains

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Yanqing, Beijing, February 13 (Reporter Lu Xianting, Wang Qinou, Ni Yuanjin)The first ray of light in the morning sprinkles on the rolling mountains of Xiaohaituo in Yanqing, Beijing, and the hard-working meteorologists have already started their day’s work.”With snow and calm winds today, the event should go ahead.”The first thing Shi did when she got up was to open the curtains and observe the weather.
Shi Shaoying is deputy head of the weather service team of Yanqing Area for Beijing Winter Olympics. She and her 10-member field service team have been stationed in Xiaohaitao Mountain since November last year to provide weather services for the preparation and operation of the National Alpine Ski Center and the National Snowmobile and Bobsled Center.At the foot of the Great Wall, by the GUI River.The National Alpine Ski Center and the National Snowmobile And Bobsled Center have been given Chinese names of “Xuefeiyan” and “Xueyoulong” respectively.During the competition, “Snow Flying Swallow” mainly undertakes alpine skiing 11 events.Alpine skiing, known as the “crown jewel” of the Winter Olympics, has always been known for its difficulty and enjoyment. As the competition is held outdoors, the weather becomes an important factor in the competition.The tournament referee may postpone or postpone the match at any time according to weather conditions.On the opening day of the alpine skiing event on February 6, the men’s downhill, originally scheduled to start at 11am, was postponed to 12pm, then 13:00 and 14:00 due to bad weather.After three postponements, the match was adjourned.That day, Shi Shaoying did not eat from morning till night.”There was a lot of pressure to get hourly updates on how the wind was going to change over the next few hours.”China has a late start in ice and snow sports and lacks technical experience in meteorological service for major winter sports events.This is the first time for Shi shaoying and her team to serve the Winter Olympics, and the international Snow Federation’s high standard of weather information for the event has exceeded the team’s expectations.During the previous Winter Olympics, the spatial grid resolution of weather forecast was based on kilometers, and the time update frequency was from half an hour to one hour.The Beijing Winter Olympics meteorological science and technology team, after nearly four years of scientific and technological research, has built the Winter Olympics meteorological “100-meter level” and “minute level” prediction technology system, grid resolution up to 67 meters, updated every 10 minutes.However, such accurate weather forecast still failed to meet the competition organization’s requirements for meteorological support services.Shi shaoying repeatedly communicated with the International Snow Federation and found that they needed not only the maximum wind strength in the next few hours or even minutes, but also the pulsation of the wind over a period of time.”Although the wind speed is not high, the wind pulsation is strong, which means the wind is sometimes strong and sometimes small, which is unfair to the event and has an impact on the safety of athletes.With this new understanding, I reconsidered how to explain the wind.”Shi shaoying said, after a run-in, the team to provide more and more targeted weather forecast services.Since then, Shi Shaoying has been able to provide accurate meteorological information to the competition organizations and participating teams.”How sure are you?””One hundred percent!Shi Shaoying answered confidently.The fine weather forecast service has proved to be a satisfying experience for all parties.Markus Waldner, alpine skiing’s chief judge, was quick to say: “The forecasts are very professional, very good.We called the woman who counseled us’ weather girl ‘.When we thought it was going to be windy, she said it was going to be light and it was. It’s just impossible!”Beijing area belongs to continental monsoon climate, which is more likely to have extreme weather such as gale, low temperature and cold wave than maritime climate.The weather service team of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games can stand in the center of the world stage with such confidence, which is inseparable from years of preparatory work and scientific and technological breakthroughs.After Beijing won the bid for the 2008 Winter Olympics, the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) immediately started the preparatory work for meteorological services for the 2008 Winter Olympics.Since the winter of 2017, field forecast training has been carried out in Yanqing and Zhangjiakou competition areas every year, and the team’s business level has been improved through winter training, English training and competition observation.Shi shaoying still vividly remembers the awe she felt when she first walked into Xiaohaituo in 2017.Following the path taken by the hikers, they carry weather instruments on their backs and hike up the mountain for a day.On a snowy training day in the mountains, the team showed signs of hypothermia.However, no one flinched after all the hardships. Everyone had only one belief: to make a contribution to the Winter Olympic Games held at home with the professionalism, dedication and responsibility of meteorological people.In a twinkling of an eye, Xiaohaituo has developed from a desolate mountainous area into the “home” of “snow swallow” and “snow dragon”.Twenty-one automatic weather stations are located at the track and key points to provide 24-hour weather service for the event.In the “closed loop” of Yanqing Competition area, 4 field service team members, including the chief forecaster, focus on the weather of the competition venue and provide weather consultation on the spot.Outside the “closed loop”, the huge winter Olympics meteorological support team silently pays attention to the weather changes on the snowy mountains.”In order for the organizers of the competition to get up and see the first forecast, that is, the 5 o ‘clock forecast, our forecast team had to get up around 3 o ‘clock to revise and release the forecast products based on big data and actual weather analysis.”Shi Shaoying said.The meteorological science and technology team of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games has overcome a difficult problem in the international meteorological community by realizing small-scale accurate meteorological forecast in mountainous areas with complex terrain. A number of core technologies are autonomous and controllable, and artificial intelligence forecasting technology has been applied for the first time in the meteorological service guarantee of the Winter Olympic Games.”Our science and technology Winter Olympics project has been included in the WORLD Meteorological Organization’s high-impact weather forecast demonstration project, which can provide Chinese experience for international high-impact weather forecast technology development and application.””Said Chen Mingxuan, deputy director of Beijing Urban Meteorological Research Institute.On xiaohaituo Mountain, sometimes warm and noisy, sometimes cold and quiet, unchanged is the persistence of meteorological people.”Now half of the race, the weather is very complicated, we have to cheer up, do a good job!”Shi Shaoying said.At the top of the mountain, look at the clouds, listen to the wind, the weather man has been waiting for.Editors: Ding Wenxian, Yu Sihui, Wu Junkuan