Apple’s IOS 16 interface has been revealed!Add new utility widgets

2022-09-22 0 By

Apple’s WWDC 2022 developer conference will be held in June to unveil the latest version of its IOS 16 operating system.While many apple fans are most interested in the new interface and added features, a whistleblower recently posted a screenshot of IOS 16 showing a new “desktop widget,” internally named InfoShack.In a recent tweet, Apple whistleblower LeaksApplePro posted a screenshot of the IOS 16 home screen widget and said: “InfoShack is a new interactive desktop widget being developed internally at Apple. It is currently in early development and will continue to be tweaked in the future.This widget could potentially enhance the iPhone user experience.”Leaked IOS 16 screenshots show that the widget is called InfoShack and can be easily packed with gadgets such as a flashlight, screen brightness adjustment, house keys, Apple TV remote controller, timer, and more.For a long time, these interactive switches were not included in IOS desktop widgets, which made many users feel uncomfortable.This time, Apple seems to have listened to users and improved it.This will inevitably result in increased hardware requirements, and the hardware of older models can no longer support such new features.It also confirms previous rumors that IOS 16 will eliminate older iPhone 6s models.In addition, in the leaked images, the IOS 16 video call icon style is identical to that of the Mac OS, suggesting that apple is going to merge the UI styles of IOS and Mac OS to make the two systems interconnect.Of course, there are a lot of netizens questioned apple IOS 16 is in that mimics the functionality of the android system, here small make up will not also don’t have to justify which side to explain, since the birth of android and IOS, has always been in learning from each other, take its director, and in the first place for its own system to join the practical function, to meet the needs of users.