“A Gathering of heroes.” The generals of ecology, the generals of politics, and the generals of wisdom will fall victim

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Today we talk about the ecology of the military general in the game “Gathering of heroes”!Speaking of ecology of military general, we may be confused about what is ecology of military general.Simply say is the ability value roughly close to the general, in the game can play a what kind of role.If you do not understand, then slowly look at the complete text.The latest version of “Gather together” 2.0 version compared with the previous 1.4 version, in the special effects of the general has made a big adjustment, especially the setting of multi-stage special effects, from which the previous five changes to the present second order.The advantage of this is that there is no “Gundam” type of warrior in the game, the disadvantage is that it is less fun to develop a warrior.This change to the general’s overall impact is not big, coupled with the distribution of a lot of special effects and special effects learning books, for the general’s combat effectiveness judgment is more serious.The weak generals in the strong generals in the original MOD games are basically the five basic ability values of the leadership, force, intelligence, politics and charm respectively rank among the best generals.On the one hand, their basic ability value is excellent, coupled with excellent adaptability and a number of strong special effects, so that they have a superior performance in battlefield output, defense, planning, domestic construction and recruitment of talent.Now “Group English meta-2.0 version, the leadership, politics and charm of the following three values of the forefront of the general is to maintain the original style, can have a very good performance in the game, which is mainly due to the overall advantage of ability value, suitability and special effects three aspects;However, the performance of military generals who are superior in force and intelligence has been greatly reduced.In the game, when the general commander’s numerical value determines the general attack and defense of the army, the force also plays a small role in determining the attack and defense.In addition to the role of slightly improving the attack and defense of troops, the general with high force value plays a role of escort in the game, and will fight with the enemy as the main force in the possible single pick.Of course, it depends on what kind of stunts a high-powered general has in order to be more effective in the game.This version is extremely unfriendly to generals with high force value, which is on the low side of the ecology of generals.For example, li Cunxiao, whose initial force value is 107, is the second highest military general in the game after Xiang Ji.But he had very little to offer his troops.There is not even an S-level fitness, and a stunt can only be used with a good bravery.The first and second order are completely empty, if not the initial treasure Bi Yan Wu, with a gun soul stunt, then Li Cunxiao role is really limited.It’s also because of bi Yan’s future treasure that Li Cunxiao’s position becomes clearer.From The setting of Li Cunxiao we can see the whole game of high force value of the weak place.Among the top 20 generals, only Xiang Ji, Zhao Kuangyin and Yue Fei were designed with complete second-order stunts, while most of the other generals only had basic stunts and first-order stunts.Greatly weakened their role in the battlefield and combat effectiveness.The same is true of highly intelligent military generals.Like the initial intelligence of the highest Zhang Liang, only in the special effects and feng shui two special effects.To the battlefield Zhang Liang is only able to rely on god to give themselves to establish an advantage.Another in the intelligence of the Great Sun bin, is also more “empty”.Besides nakedness based stunts, while the first position and a stunt increases intelligence staff, but also on the battlefield and only backed by actual condition can give sun bin, if not the original treasure’s grandson comes with a ghost for special effects, so the gap between sun bin and zhang liang is very big, is so close to the battle between the ability.Zhang Liang and Sun Bin such a top strategist set are some weak feeling, then the following kind of strategist will be more need not mention, but also mostly only basic special effects and first order special effects.Even if some have a complete second – order special effects of the general, from their set point of view, are also the main domestic direction.However, considering that the game uses a large number of new strategies, if the design of these military generals is slightly more powerful, it may be beyond the positioning of the army god in the game.Therefore, the military generals with higher intelligence gave way to the new strategy system and passively became a relatively weak link in the whole military general ecosystem.In the game of political military generals in reality, the high and wise generals have been in a relatively low position in the whole military general ecology due to various circumstances, while the high commander generals often decide the victory on the battlefield, so his role is naturally incomparable.However, in the case of population function, this makes the high-level political military general, which has always been at the low end of the military general ecology, become the true god of this game.Zhou Gong Dan as the first person in the initial political value of the game, the role in the game is some immeasurable.Basic special effects king, is one of the most powerful internal effects in the game, guns, halberds and crossbows each month can get 4400 automatic replenishment, in the game to the start of the war before the five months he can provide at least two units of each troop sufficient war supplies, but also are free to obtain.Talents early vision effect is nearly useless, because of the cause of the military adviser recommended, so will be in the early stages reflect out the value of this stunt, but as the opposition warrior is seeking after, eyesight began to play a real role, that’s when a sharp rise in the search in the search to the probability of treasures, because the game design a lot of treasures,So eyesight will speed up the forces to obtain a variety of different treasures, even if there is no search to the treasure does not matter, his search will bring a little money to the forces.Fortification stunt is very useful, although the whole map on the general structure and layout don’t change too much, but every city has changed a lot more exaggerated, now makes the defense needs more defenses to strengthen defense together, in addition, because of the population function, lead to curb troops will face a lot of players,As a result, the player needs to be more careful in the siege, so it is imperative to deploy a large number of fortifications at the site of the engagement, so the effect of building fortifications quickly will be taken advantage of.In addition, fortification can also help with durable regeneration quickly and massively after conquering the lower city, preventing the city from being easily broken again by the counterattack AI.Regardless of its effect on battlefield strategy, the mere fact that it has a faster rural population makes it one of the most useful stunts in the game.In yesterday’s article, we analyzed the population function and special effects of some related situation, because the player does not have the same AI automatic increase of forces and resources, so can speed up the acquisition of population special effects is the player to improve the money, and then into the key special effects of war supplies.This special effect can also be used as an additional gathering effect, that is, the suction effect.It can also be seen that an excellent domestic military general not only has excellent ability to contribute to domestic affairs, but also has its own power on the battlefield.Among the high political generals, there are many people who are capable of domestic affairs, fighting and tactics. Zhuge Liang, Wang Meng and Guan Yiwu need not be mentioned, and Li Shimin, Zhu Yuanzhang and Zhao Kuangyin are all high quality generals with multiple abilities.So in this game really can be called the level of the true god of the generals, is these high political gods.From the design of the first tier, we can easily infer that the second tier will encounter more “empty” second tier achievements bar.This is also true by looking for second-tier generals with an overall command of less than 90 and more than 80.Yelu Suge, Wang Baobao, and Li Munzhong, who are close to the first line, are all military generals with only basic stunts.And there is a relatively direct problem in these second-tier generals, that is, there is no more able to undertake the special effects of the big scene.Duoergun is one of the few second-line generals, with a big scene of special effects.The tactical special effects not only ensure that Dourgun has a steady hit rate when using several types of tactics, but also give him an aura effect.But that is, for his subsequent stunt setting is also some uncomfortable, secret skill is the most difficult to use in the game slightly hit stunt, although it can also be linked with the trick stunt, but the effect is awkward.So this also makes the second-tier generals who can hold up the scene also have his uncomfortable place.The second line military general in the game is highlighted two words “deputy general”.After all, the number of first-line generals in the game is limited, and most of them have their own distribution of different forces. When players use it, on the one hand, they need to use the first-line generals to bear the output and defense of the main force, but they also need to have the second-line generals as the auxiliary battlefield functions and the deficiency of damage.However, due to the special effects of second-tier generals, they can not provide a relatively good damage in the battlefield, but can only play some functional role.Of course, the second-tier generals want to have a better play on the battlefield, can only be compatible with the second-tier generals below, so as to allow more special effects combination, so as to form a better combat effectiveness.However, when the general rate is lower than 80, there are only basic special effects for the general, and even basic special effects for the general began to appear.Overall speaking the game although the military commanders are enabled second-order merit special Settings, but this appears to be a preferential treatment for the game’s top star, because of a lot of military commanders and not really can have many order special bring some changes to himself, and because there is no more a large number of second line and weak blow to order the design of the special effects,So the difference between the top players and them is huge.Sure, this may fit their historical positioning, but in terms of game balance, it’s a little distorted.Let the game back to catch the general break the old road, a large number of generals will be sent to the rear city as a transport captain.Although the game set up a special effects learning book which can increase the strength of the design, but in the face of a large number of special effects vacant, there is no change completely.This makes the whole ecology of military generals appear extremely imbalanced. Although the number of military generals is 950+, it is only about 50 top military generals that really play an impact.