14 points 2 rebounds, Shandong qi complete redemption, Xiaoding 7 points, Hudson unexpected downturn stumps Suoshuai

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The shandong men’s basketball team was defeated in the first game. The team did not stand up in the last quarter. Xu Changsuo changed the team in the second game, Liu Yi entered the starting lineup, ding Yanyuhang came on the bench.From the first game, shandong men’s basketball team and Shenzhen are actually a lot worse, the team has no heart, after the start of the game, Shenzhen men’s basketball team’s attack is very smooth, Shandong men’s basketball team did not burn their boats, playing is not very positive, Shenzhen’s foreign aid Booker played much better than the last game.After the attack is not smooth, Ding Yanyuhang rotation, Shandong men’s basketball was hit a wave of 18-2, Xu Changsuo had to call a timeout.Shandong men’s basketball team failed at the beginning of the strategy, want to play fast, which is exactly what Shenzhen men’s basketball team wants, Booker super scoring ability, Shen Zijie inside defense barrier, which let Shandong men’s basketball team can not play their own advantages.After the suspension came back, Hudson breakthrough, half the game shandong men’s basketball only got 4 points.Big score after leading shenzhen men’s basketball attack more confident.The first section of the shandong men’s basketball team has been spent, Shen Zijie dominated the offensive and defensive ends in the interior, the difference also came to more than 20 points.The bench, led by Guillenwater and Goshiyan, started the chase, with Gillenwater scoring eight points in a row and Goshiyan leading the defense.Ding Yanyuhang can also hit three points, Shandong men’s basketball close to only 10 points, did not let the game lose suspense.Hudson’s lack of form is a big problem for the team, but the big foreign aid is playing well.Among the domestic players, Chen Peidong completed redemption, the last game he played very general, the start of the shandong men’s basketball offense became the most stable point.Shenzhen men’s basketball sarin Jie in the defensive end of the unexpected play, Shandong men’s basketball and fell into the scoring shortage, fortunately, the opponent’s hand in general.Xu changsuo adjusted in time and put on Hudson and Tao Hanlin to play the pick-and-roll successfully, but Hudson did not show the scoring, shandong men’s basketball team lacked the means to score continuously, and did a poor job of defending Booker.Hudson’s accidental dumb fire became the crux of the shandong men’s basketball team, but for Chen Peidong’s unexpected outburst, Shandong men’s basketball team would have fewer points.Finally, late in the second quarter, Hudson hit a long 3-pointer, he is no longer capable of consecutive points, running up and down is a lot of energy for Hudson.Shandong men’s basketball fell behind the score and ran 20 points to the offensive end is very monotonous, Hudson’s strong throw, Ding Yanyuhang stumbling attack basket.Shandong men’s basketball team has no triumphalism and methods.After the decisive half of the game, Shandong men’s basketball 44-58 behind 14 points, this point difference at least let the game still maintain suspense.Hudson had five points, three rebounds and three assists on 2-of-9 shooting, and Chen peidong had 14 points and two rebounds to make him the surprise team.On the bench Gilenwater got 8 points, Ding Yanyuhang difficult to get 7 points, the unexpected downturn of Hudson also stumping Suoshuai, after all, Shandong men’s basketball team can win depends on Hudson’s play, desperate to see old Ha, the second half is very need his speed.