You’ve been taken in!The first actual operation of the THAAD system touted by the Americans was shocking

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Despite our opposition, the ROK allowed the US to deploy the THAAD anti-missile system in the ROK.Our relations with South Korea are at a low point.In addition to South Korea, Japan had also planned to purchase thaAD.Israel and the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East are also equipped with THAAD.Recently, the UNITED Arab Emirates has activated the US-made THAAD anti-missile system in order to protect its own interests in the face of houthi missile attacks.The first test results were shocking, with thaAD successfully intercepting only one medium-range ballistic missile in the face of a barrage of missiles.The intercept failed when multiple missiles hit the uae’s defense zone.This flies in the face of Washington’s claims that thaAD is more powerful than ever and capable of intercepting multiple missiles.The result shows that the world was deceived by the BLINDLY confident U.S.Formal bidding for the THAAD anti-missile system project began in 1990, and relevant research began in 1992.Data show that by August 1999, the company had conducted 11 tests on the THAAD anti-missile system.Three of these were non-intercept tests, with a success rate of about 67%.The other eight were intercept tests, with a 25% success rate.The dismal success rate caused the Relevant departments in the United States to shelve the plan completely.It was not until 2004 that the US restarted the DEVELOPMENT of thaAD in order to strengthen the construction of its air defense system.The same research and development company appears to have overcome previous obstacles, with success in 16 of 19 trials as of 2019, increasing the success rate to 84 percent.Other countries, such as Japan and South Korea, have seen such good data and are getting excited.South Korea wants to deploy the THAAD missile system, and even gives up its good relations with South Korea.The uae’s actual combat results show that the THAAD anti-missile system has many shortcomings in performance and is completely incompetent for interception.In fact, in May 2017, it was revealed that the company developing the THAAD anti-missile system had falsified test data.According to the report, in order to complete the tests in 2011 and 2012, the company artificially set the target data and planned the interception trajectory.The shooting analogy is to shoot first, then draw the target.Thus, such tests are meaningless and the data are not reliable.Neither the DEPARTMENT of Defense nor the company responded to the report, but acknowledged the claims of success.The THAAD anti-missile system has not only been successfully introduced into the US military, but has also been sold overseas, becoming a high-quality product eagerly snapped up by us Allies.It is worth mentioning that although the THAAD anti-missile system is deployed in the ROK, it has not yet been activated.The uae event is the first of its kind.Faced with the dismal interception results, military experts in Japan and South Korea said they were duped by the United States.The US remedy is also bizarre. The US is touting the great success of the UNITED Arab Emirates’ THAAD missile interception mission to ensure its credibility in the international arms market.It should be noted that our vigilance against THAAD mainly stems from its ability to carry out remote surveillance, which poses a great threat to our security. We still need to pay close attention to THAAD as its surveillance performance has not been proven yet.