The Legend of Miao Wangtun (2) The 259th chapter

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Zhou Dawu once bitten by a snake timid and afraid to drill grass “Oh!This small Guiyang said zhen Feng city, min Valley town, should bear so much of the historical burden, so that he is full of rich historical connotation, as the north gate of southwest Guizhou, he really experienced how much history of cang Sang ah!”Governor Zhou’s words were a bit of a double-entendre, implying that old Kong was blowing his own trumpet.Zhou Davu stood in gaofu, carefully observed all the scenery and trends in the city, there are local secretary Yang Shusen, Yang Shusen counsellor Kong Ji and other Weeks davu pro with the war will be ten people standing around the side point.From a distance, although it is not very clear, but from the smoke of the whole city, it is obvious that the city has not a lot of people.On the other side of the street, where the barracks used to be assembled, there was no smoke and no life at all.There were few people on the street. According to these signs, the Datong army had already withdrawn and was preparing to ride back to camp.Just at this time, the small school to report, not good!”My Lord, dian army there out of a big event, I heard that casualties.”Governor Zhou listened with mixed feelings. What do you say?Governor Zhou thought to himself: “Now I have someone to accompany me to defeat, otherwise I am always incompetent, won’t let people laugh.”After lunch, Zhou Davu called Yang Shusen to the account, so and so, confessed to a turn, Yang Shusen both, in a twinkling of an eye.In the evening, Poplar Sen hui reported: “As far as my men know, zhenfeng gate is wide open, no one guards.Six streets three cities, has been thousands of doors closed, thousands of households xiao Shu.There is no garrison in the city, and there is a great exodus of the people and inhabitants.”Zhou Davu oh oh repeatedly, face solemn, heart thought: “this time have to be careful, otherwise it is not I beat other people’s wife property doctrine, but others beat my wife property doctrine.These days I keep thinking why the King of the Miao army withdrew so cleanly without making any resistance. There must be something wrong with it. The Dian army was really impressed.”So he ordered: “tomorrow to explore again, must be detailed, in case he empty the city.”Week Davu also asked the tree sen way: “tomorrow you go into the city not only to see his table like, take more troops, carefully search: a, live in barracks.Two, residents sell a house, to pry overhead, fine search for hiding in the house.Three, carefully search for caves.Send a team to search the villages, caves, etc. within a radius of ten kilometers.Make sure there is no hiding place.5. The registration of urban and rural residents is consistent with the household registration.There may be signs of overpopulation.Look for suspicious persons.Anyone suspicious will be brought back to the big account and examined carefully.”All the arrangements are ready.Order Poplar shusen to execute immediately.The next night, Yang Shu Senhui reported: “no suspicious signs have been found, only a few suspicious people have been caught, please the governor for treatment.”Governor Zhou himself asked, “When did the Datong army leave Zhenfeng City?Who are you?”Several people said the same way: “We are all nearby rural farmers, heard that there is no one in the city, we all want to pick up some cheap.But there was nothing that could be eaten or used in the city, so we could not find any bargains. So we asked the officials to investigate and let us go back.I have to go home to my parents.”Week Davu a look, these people are some poor, dirty and smelly, three feet patted not a cold fart person, had to shout, hit the barracks.The third day, Zhou Davu is still not at ease.The arrangement is as follows, asked Yang Shusen to arrange five hundred people into the city, first occupy the yuan Shuai mansion, will take over the city, four gates guarded, strictly check in and out of the personnel, the city week sent patrols, sentries fifteen miles.Li Fuchen sent his secretary zhenfeng state governor, immediately took over the city team zhenfeng state ya.After all the arrangements are ready, from the top of the tiger mountain observation, closer to zhenfeng city here, all the scenery on the street to see clearly.Governor Zhou saw the city quiet wind and smoke, even the sound of mosquitoes flying can be heard, a little rest assured.I still don’t see anything wrong.The third morning, Yang Shusen sent Kong Houji, the rate of five hundred soldiers first into the city, to arrange the army into the city, its civilian personnel then steadily into zhenfeng city.Week Davu in order to be on the safe side, the army will live in the house, stay put.Ten more days passed, in and around Zhenfeng city, there was nothing stirring.Week Davu confirmed that the Datong army has fled, and then moved part of the army into the city.