Shanxi beauty about boudoir to eat hot pot, eat half secretly from the body to untie the waist: affect my play

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Guide language: hot pot is eaten in woman dining-room an action causes boudoir honey to explode laugh, how is this to return a responsibility?Let’s take a look.In shanxi luliang, some time ago, a few good friends seldom get together and decided to go to eat hot pot in the evening, a few people deliberately chose a online word-of-mouth good hotpot restaurant, came to the store and found after several people to taste the taste of the store a couple really good feel very surprise, found a treasure hotpot restaurant, in the beginning, everything is very normal,In the middle of the meal, one of her friends suddenly reached into her clothes and took out a waist girdle after a few seconds. “The existence of the waist girdle seriously affected her performance,” the woman said.Everyone has left a message, express their views.Many netizens were taken by surprise by the woman’s gesture, but many women were sympathetic, with one commenting: ‘It really affects me. Every time I take it off, I eat three more bowls of rice.’Some netizens questioned the authenticity of the act, but others said it was similar to taking off your belt, and each time you do it, you can perform better.See here, xiaobian would like to say, it seems that the taste of this hot pot restaurant is really good, can let the woman in weight loss give up weight, take off the belt to eat a big meal.However, it is really cute that the woman secretly undoes the girdle under the table. Although she is almost unable to eat, she can take off the girdle and eat more for the sake of the delicious food.Conclusion: the woman secretly untied the girdle under the table in order not to affect her meals.