Once upon a time, the naked Bed battle Daniel Wu……The actress is 46 years old.The acid old rage counterattack

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Hong Kong actress Maggie maggie debut 28 years, initially known for her sexy image, the most well-known, is once with Daniel Wu co-starred in the three-level film “Voyeurism Not Guilty”, that year naked performance scale is large, after marriage gradually retired from the entertainment industry.In recent years, she has settled down in the mainland, and from time to time, she will upload the latest life situation in Douyin. Recently, she has been criticized by the acid people as “old and outdated”.Maggie has settled in China in recent years.(figure/turn taken from princess trill) princess married to a lawyer in 2006 married with 2 children 1 female, and in 2018 changed its name to “MaiFang Joe”, but social networks is still using the old name to interact with fans, now 46, she mostly settled in China in recent years, to gradually return to the entertainment circle, besides attending ShangYan, live events, also from time to time through the trill share, family daily life.When Maggie recently shared a warm video of her interaction with her pet dog, some people wrote “old and outdated” on the bottom of the video. She replied, “Don’t look at it”, but the other person continued to choke, “Ah, bad luck!” She responded again, “New Year’s Flow, curse yourself!Maggie counters sour Folk.(figure/turn taken from princess trill) in fact, the princess ran before debut Miss Hong Kong, but the outbreak of nude during a dispute, although the final out of the race, but still with sexy image after an interloper in show business, in addition to in level 3 films show naked body, is the first “category”, in the past was also plays “crosser” in “the deer and the cauldron” in the corner,Gao Leng’s image still impresses many opera fans. In addition, she has hosted many programs and her acting skills are quite diverse.Maggie played Fang Yi in The Deer and the Cauldron.(Photo/Translation from Internet)