Hospital different Spring Festival: bright lights witness ordinary stick to

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During the Spring Festival, Dong Meng was still busy in the hospital.Figure (zhejiang university 2 yuan for the New Year at the grass-roots level) : hospital of another Spring Festival of lights to witness the ordinary stick to Beijing, hangzhou, feb 1 (Reuters) – Qian Chen fe) during the Spring Festival, unlike the family outside the hospital, have so a group of “not putting in”, year after year, under the shadowless lamp, ordinary to the instruments and equipment, for them, the Spring Festival is to accompany, is busy, is guarded.”I want to spend the Spring Festival with the patient’s family.”When I met Dong Meng, the head nurse of the Department of Brain Intensive Care medicine of the Second Hospital of Zhejiang University, she had already ushered in the New Year in the ward, and this had become her “habit”.Dong Meng, a native of Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, has been working in the Second Hospital of Zhejiang University since she graduated from school in 2016. It has been six years since she started to teach new people in the department of brain intensive care medicine. Six years of experience has made her more capable and stable.”Most patients in the department of brain intensive care are in critical condition, especially in the icu. Most patients are in a coma, connected to a ventilator and then a monitor. There is no accompanying family member.Dong Meng said.The doctors and nurses in the department of brain intensive care are like “guardians” of patients, and the scheduling of the New Year is the most difficult thing for Wang Haiyan, head nurse of the department of brain intensive Care. Every year, she would ask the needs of the nurses in advance.”I can only meet the needs of most people, and I will leave a few nurses who want to go home cruelly. The scheduling of the Spring Festival every year is lined up and lined up, changed and changed, and I hope everyone can go home for a reunion dinner every year.”To Wang’s delight and heartache, Dong meng volunteered in early January to let her colleagues who live near her return home.”I didn’t have the heart to write dong Meng’s schedule. From 2016 to 2022, Dong Meng only went home once during the Spring Festival.””During the Spring Festival, the brain intensive care unit is more festive than usual. At the door of the ward, family members will bring some peace symbols for patients to put under their pillows.Some would record the patient’s family wishes for recovery and then hand over the recorder to us.Some family members will entrust us to put an apple at the bedside of the patient to pray for peace…”According to Dong, it is these “details” that make the hospital “ordinary and special”.With her critically ill patients on one side and her parents looking forward to it year after year, Dong’s dilemma never has a right answer.Dong is confident that her parents will understand and support her choice.”If I get busy this winter, I can go home and reunite with my family. If I get through this night, the patients will surely welcome the dawn.”Li Junlin (left) and his colleagues stick to their posts.When the whole city gets together, eating the New Year’s Eve dinner and watching the Spring Festival Gala, Li Rain Forest of the emergency department of the second Hospital of Zhejiang University is still fighting at his post. His Spring Festival is spent in a busy time.”People don’t go to the hospital during the Spring Festival, but most of them are serious patients.”This is the experience summed up by Li Rainforests over the years.”During the Spring Festival, when people have dinner, chat, drink and exchange glasses, accidents are also prone to happen, so for emergency doctors, during the Spring Festival, they are in a state of ‘first class war readiness’.”The most common cases are critically ill patients, especially those injured by firecrackers, and elderly patients suffering from critical medical problems.”In addition, due to the epidemic, many people chose to stay in Hangzhou for the Spring Festival this year, and some hospitals closed their emergency services, making the work of Li and his colleagues even busier.”In the past few days, the number of emergency patients has increased a lot compared to the past. We will not only assess the injuries of patients, but also carry out careful treatment for patients. We will not only save lives, but also take into account the prevention and control of the epidemic.”In the face of changing containment, control and prevention zones, Li Rainforest needed to classify patients with different color health codes in the first time, make timely judgment, and strike a balance between first aid and epidemic prevention.Li Rainforest said that although the department prepared a special lunar New Year’s Eve dinner for doctors on duty last night, but this meal, I did not feel at ease – emergency room, icu, emergency ward…Hanging a heart, running in all the places where he is needed.”As long as the patient is safe and healthy, it is the best year.My biggest wish is for the epidemic to pass quickly.”In the face of the New Year, Li Rainforest sincerely wish.”We are on thin ice protecting the hope of rebirth.” “We are on thin ice protecting the hope of a family.This year marks Hu’s 11th Spring Festival in the hospital and her sixth month in the lung transplant department.The lung transplantation department was an unprecedented challenge for Hu, who had worked in a comprehensive ICU for several years.Patients who come here have generally gone through the most high-risk period of surgery in the care unit.In the eyes of patients, this seems to be the dawn before discharge, but Hu Yanting and her colleagues are well aware that patients at this stage are still in unpredictable condition, which extremely tests the professionalism and perseverance of every medical staff.”Where there are patients, there are doctors.Even though it is New Year s Day, we will not relax.Assess the patient’s condition, adjust the diagnosis and treatment plan according to the situation…Hu Yanting as usual earnest stick, “the patient’s life in our hands, we will desperately save.”Occasionally, the doctor says what he really thinks, that although he does his best for each patient, he is extremely sorry to his family, and this feeling of guilt is especially strong at family gatherings.”Once my child’s teacher in charge sent me a picture of shoes. I was very confused and asked the teacher what was going on. The teacher said that every PE lesson my child did not wear sneakers, and sometimes he even wore sandals.The teacher reminded me to remember when my child had GYM class and to remember to buy his sneakers.”Hu yanting says it hurts to think of children standing on the playground in awkward sandals. As a mother, she knows she is far from qualified, but as a doctor, she can only tilt her time towards patients.”In the New Year, I hope all my patients can recover smoothly, and I hope I can spend more time with my child and give him a loving childhood.”Hu yanting said.I hope there is no disease in the world, and I hope there is no dust on the shelf. This is the common wish of all medical staff, and also belongs to the “best Taste of the New Year” in the hospital.(after)