Guo Qilin, Qin Xiaoxian, Yang Jiulang and Zhang Dada eat dinner, net friend: Don’t go astray

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In the entertainment circle, there is a name called Zhang Dada, in the Mango stage to do the host.Supposedly zhang greatly appearance level is general, host ability is also general, the coffee is not big, but can mix in the entertainment circle wind and water, both ways.When his birthday, but also half of the entertainment circle sent a blessing, many popular young actors are present to congratulate, so that the street on zhang’s identity background more speculation, but so far, we can not say why.This year’s New Year’s Eve, Yang Mi posted on her social media account that she was making dumplings. At first, everyone thought she was at home.However, on the noon of the first day of the New Year, Zhang Dada also shared the post of the New Year’s Eve dinner, and we found that Yang Mi’s New Year’s Eve dinner was eaten in Zhang’s home.And two people also accidentally put on a similar red shirt together for the New Year, as expected is a good bestie, tacit understanding first-class.Yang Ying may be busy with the Spring Festival Gala, as a member of the iron Triangle did not see her this time.However, this New Year’s eve dinner is not only Yang Mi, netizens surprised to find that several deyun young brother, they are respectively Guo Qilin, Qin Xiaoxian and Yang Jiulang.In addition, Guo Qilin’s good friend Song Zuer was also present.Speaking of this, really have to admire Zhang dada, it seems that every fire in the entertainment circle of young people will soon become a member of his circle of friends, how to explain this?Either he has a great background, or he is a true social NIUBI sufferer, a social elite.However, for deyun Society’s little friends to attend zhang’s New Year’s Eve dinner, many netizens expressed dislike and netizens directly shouted, hope they do not go astray.As an old saying goes, “Those who keep company with men will be as bad as those who keep company with them.” Netizens are worried that the simple deyun is being led astray.The reason for this reaction can be traced back to Zhang’s personal design. Although he is popular in the entertainment industry, his audience is a bit bad. Most of the heat related to him is negative.Zhang Da let so many audience hate him, mainly or the audience think he is “unworthy”, think his ability and his resources are not equal, the audience hate him, he is constantly resources.After this impression, you will find that the person is not pleasing to the eye.For example, Zhang is a former host of Mango, and Xie Na can be regarded as his mentor. However, after he became popular, he believed that his success depends on himself, and no one else.In contrast, Yang Di and Wei Daxun, who are also carried by Xie Na, are more grateful and often go to visit Xie Na in private.To this many net friends scold Zhang dada is a white eyed Wolf.For example, Zhang Da often appears on variety shows, and some of them are completely “awkward” on the show.For example, zhang had to challenge The role of Zhang Yi in My Country and I, which was very difficult for professional actors. They all relied on their eyes to express their inner dialogue.Obviously, he did not know what he was doing. He probably thought he was daring to challenge and was criticized by Yee Dongsheng.This is not the most annoying place, the most amazing thing is, offline, Er Dongsheng and Zhang Dada instead of interaction, Er Dongsheng gave him a golden statue.Behind this interaction, let the street speculation, this is yee Dongsheng to Zhang Dada’s strong background of a compromise, we hate him more.Zhang dada, who is generally good-looking and capable of hosting, also likes to sensationalize and talk without regard to his own status. For example, in “Accidentally dropping song God” that program, he directly insulted Wang Baoqiang, although it was a joke, but really a little too much.He rolled his eyes and held out his blue finger, and the audience felt disgusted with him.So what he left to the audience is that few impressions, if Deyun little friends and he played together, really let some netizens worry.Guo Qilin, Song Zuer is also talking about these two, that is one of the screen CP, although their fans, have said that they do not want two people to fry CP, but the tacit understanding of two people in the variety is really visible to the naked eye, it is difficult not to let people do more guess.In The Yellow River Run, they eat each apple for two, earning them the nickname “Apple CP”.In the “Heartbeat signal 4”, Ma Boqian asked them, apple CP recently all right?However, both of them are very young, and it is still too early to stir up CP. Their own development may be more appropriate.Yang Ying and Huang Xiaoming have just announced their divorce, but she is also busy hosting the Spring Festival Gala for Beijing SATELLITE TV.The entertainment industry is really interesting. When Ying and Huang Xiaoming first got married, they were very popular, but then they went from bad to worse.Now that her divorce has been officially announced, her career seems to be on the way again, with a backlog of six shows.This year, Yang Mi did not appear on the Spring Festival Gala of CCTV or SATELLITE TV, but on the Gala of the Federation of Literary and Arts.The modelling of Yang Mi also successfully ascended heat search, serve as 85 hind 4 floret one of, Yang Mi all the time since the state is very good, marriage gives birth to baby to do not have old influence to her it seems.In the spring evening of the Federation of Literary arts, Yang Mi’s embroidered short skirt earned enough eyeballs.Yang mi’s development seems to be more comprehensive than that of other post-85 young flowers. In addition to her occasional acting, she is also a female boss with no problem. Recently, she has signed three young actors under the age of 13, including “Small as song” in “Fire as A Song”.It seems that Yang Mi set up his own team is to grab from the doll.In conclusion, this big one New Year’s eve dinner, the guests present is too luxurious, some netizens expressed concern that deyun little brothers with Zhang Dada playing will learn bad, what do you think?Feel free to join us in the comments section.