Gossung police Station takes to the streets before the festival to promote anti-fraud

2022-09-21 0 By

Morning news (correspondent Gao Gongxuan) The Spring Festival is coming, to further enhance the security awareness of the masses, prevention and control of telecom network fraud cases, recently, the solid city police station organized the police onto the market town street, carry out prevention of telecom network fraud publicity activities.In the activity, the police auxiliary police combined with the issuance of publicity bags and publicity materials, in order to analyze the example of the way, to explain the common types of telecom network fraud along the street shop owners and the past masses, the crime and cheated should take emergency measures.Meanwhile, the auxiliary police to “heaven will not fall pie” “greedy for small gains eat big losses” and other warning, education and guide the masses must enhance security awareness, pay attention to the protection of personal information, do not listen to, do not transfer, and told not to participate in a variety of network cashback, online gambling and other activities, beware of being cheated.Through the anti-fraud publicity activities before the festival, the masses to enhance the “immunity”, guard the “money bag” played a positive role in promoting the sense of security to enhance the masses, to celebrate the Spring Festival laid a good foundation.