Cut 18+9 against James!Warriors no. 7 pick Kerr says he could be used in the playoffs

2022-09-21 0 By

The Warriors’ no. 7 overall pick, Kminga, had 18 points and nine rebounds on 8-of-11 shooting in a 117-115 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday, while Kerr gave him the job of defending Lebron James.Both offensively and defensively, the 2002kid contributed to the Warriors’ victory.Khuminga was left out of the NBA’s all-star roster, which made many Warriors players and fans feel bad for him.But Kuminga himself was cool about it, saying he didn’t care because he just wanted to improve himself, and rookie games didn’t help him improve himself.The main reason kuminga missed out on rookie selection was that he didn’t get a lot of opportunities in the first half of the season until Green got injured and Kerr started playing for him.And he took advantage of the opportunities, even in this game against the Lakers, against Lebron James and Lebron Bryant, he didn’t shy away.On the offensive end, Kuminga was able to beat James to finish the rebound, and he also used two excellent cutting moves to finish the dunk.Although his own offense was limited and his shooting inconsistent, Kuminga was fully integrated into the Warriors’ passing system and used his physical prowess to eat the cake efficiently.On defense, khuminga was far less capable and experienced than James, but he played a strategic role in draining James’s energy, and ultimately, with his teammates using double teams and rotation, James only made 9 of 27 shots from the field.”It’s cool to play against him,” he said. “I’m good defensively.He’s so talented, he has so much vision, and I haven’t had a chance to play against him since he retired, so it’s time to learn from him.”For Kuminga’s outstanding performance, Warriors coach Kerr also gave praise, even called him the Warriors’ best player in the first three quarters.Kerr also promised that the rest of the regular season would give Kumingardo experience, and in the playoffs, he expects Kuminga to contribute defensively and be a part of the rotation.