What are the characteristics of cabbage sprayed with formaldehyde?Learn these tips in advance and don’t be careless

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I think we should be more understanding of this vegetable cabbage, especially northerners seem to have a unique feeling for cabbage.Maybe some people think the price of cabbage is not expensive, it is not a big deal, is there really so much benefit?Most families in northeast China, every winter comes, will hoard a lot of Chinese cabbage at home, because the shelf life of Chinese cabbage is relatively long, as long as the correct storage, generally will not deteriorate, and often eat Chinese cabbage there are a lot of benefits.The benefits of eating Cabbage improve immunity In cold winter because of the special climate, many people may have some bad habits, which lead to the decline of immunity.The immune system is a very important line of defense in our body. If the situation of decreased immunity is not adjusted and improved in time, it is likely to lead to the outside virus and bacteria to take advantage of the situation, which will not only damage the health of the body, but also increase the burden of the body and increase the risk of disease.Cabbage contains relatively rich nutrients, so if there is a decline in immunity, diet can consider eating some cabbage, may help enhance the body’s immunity, but also reduce the burden on the body.If you do not pay attention to the diet, often eat some big fish and meat, or do not love to drink water, do not love exercise and so on, it may cause constipation.But in daily life, most people do not pay too much attention to constipation, thinking that even if there is constipation, it can be relieved and improved naturally in a few days.However, frequent constipation or frequent constipation may cause great harm and burden to the body, and even increase the risk of anorectal diseases.And the water contained in the cabbage is relatively rich, nutritional value is also very high, for some people who often constipation, appropriate to eat cabbage, the dietary fiber can accelerate intestinal peristalsis to improve constipation, and the water in the cabbage can also help soften the stool.Stomach is a very important digestive and absorption organ in our body. If a person’s stomach function has problems, it is likely to be accompanied by dyspepsia or other symptoms.The phenomenon of indigestion will inevitably increase the burden of the body, but also make people feel very uncomfortable abdomen.However, if you want to improve the discomfort of the stomach, you can also consider eating some cabbage regularly, which may play a role in strengthening the spleen and appetizing the spleen to a certain extent, but also promote digestion and absorption, and improve the digestive burden.Relieving oral ulcers Those who have experienced oral ulcers should all know that if there is a wound in the mouth, it will not only affect the normal diet with a tingling sensation, but also may lead to damage to one’s health.Because some viruses and bacteria are likely to remain on the wound surface of oral ulcers, resulting in bacterial growth.If you want to alleviate and improve the problem of oral ulcer, it is also recommended that you eat some cabbage frequently, because cabbage contains relatively rich nutrients, proper intake of the body can help eliminate harmful bacteria, reduce the burden on the body.While there are benefits to eating cabbage regularly, some cabbages on the market today are also sprayed with formaldehyde to further extend their shelf life or to make them look more polished at a higher price.Regular exposure to formaldehyde will inevitably hurt people’s health, so how to judge whether the cabbage used formaldehyde?What are the characteristics of cabbage sprayed with formaldehyde?These suggestions to understand in advance, do not neglect formaldehyde has a certain irritation, and the smell of the smell also has a prickle nose, so when buying cabbage can smell close.If there is a strong, pungent smell, it is not recommended to buy, perhaps because the cabbage has been sprayed with formaldehyde and the normal cabbage has a fresh, earthy smell of the leaves.Observe the root to know whether the cabbage is sprayed with formaldehyde, when buying can also observe the root, because the cabbage sprayed with formaldehyde after a long time, the root may appear rotten, so remind you to buy cabbage, this should also pay more attention to.Inner rot because people spray formaldehyde on the cabbage is often sprayed on the outside, so most of the sprayed formaldehyde on the outside of the cabbage generally will not rot, but affected by harmful substances, may start from the cabbage heart rot.So if you notice that the cabbage at home is rotting on the inside, don’t eat it any more. For your health, don’t take it lightly.Although cabbage can be stored for a long time, its outer layer does not look as fresh as expected and can even become dry and dehydrated.But if the cabbages you buy are too shiny or even abnormal, don’t buy them because they may have been sprayed with formaldehyde.In addition to the above points, what else do you know that the cabbage was sprayed with formaldehyde, feel free to leave a comment below.