Volunteer of Qufu Epidemic Prevention: We share the same name

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Public network · Poster news trainee reporter Zhu Tonghui Jining reported recently, in qufu City Xiaoxue Street Shengshuiyuan community epidemic prevention and control work, there are so a group of people quietly dedication, among them provincial cadres, college students party members, teachers…Their volunteer spirit shines on the front line of fighting the epidemic, and they have a common name — volunteers from different professions.”During the epidemic, please wear masks, do not gather, do not go out if it is not necessary.”Wang Yanguo, director of the student office of the School of Finance and Economics of Shandong University of Science and Technology, secretary of the Youth League committee and member of qufu General Team of the provincial team of “strengthening the construction of rural grassroots Party organizations”, is holding a small speaker in the community to do epidemic prevention propaganda work.Before the outbreak of the epidemic, Wang Yanguo worked in the Organization Department of qufu Municipal Party Committee as a provincial cadre.On March 31, Wang Yanguo saw the recruitment order of epidemic prevention volunteers in Xiaoxue Street of Qufu city in his community’s wechat group. He immediately contacted the Xiaoxue Street office to sign up for volunteers, but unfortunately the quota was already full.Early in the morning of April 1, Wang Yanguo was eager to participate in volunteer service, applied to the organization, and finally became a volunteer for epidemic prevention in Shengshuiyuan community. He was mainly responsible for the order maintenance and epidemic prevention publicity of nucleic acid testing site, as well as verifying the number of nucleic acid tests by telephone, and making information statistics.While working as a volunteer in the community, Wang Yanguo got to know Chen Qi, a volunteer who assisted medical staff in nucleic acid sampling.Chen Qi, 21, who graduated from Jining University with a major in preschool education, is now a kindergarten teacher.On March 31, she took the initiative to join the volunteer team of Shengshuiyuan District, performing nucleic acid sampling information input and assisting medical staff in nucleic acid sampling at the front line.Between work hours, she made use of her hand-drawing skills to draw cartoon images of baybayan, medical workers in epidemic prevention, to publicize epidemic prevention knowledge to the masses and cheer for epidemic prevention workers.”At the moment of the epidemic, as a college student Party member, I have a sense of responsibility to go to the front line to work with the medical staff and make a contribution to epidemic prevention and control.”June said.Up to now, Chen Qi has been hand-painted in the gap between more than 100 pieces of work.Meanwhile, outside the nucleic acid sampling site, a volunteer is maintaining the order of the site.”Line up, line up, one meter apart, don’t push forward!”Kong Fanqin, 50, signed up as a volunteer in shengshuiyuan community on March 31, mainly responsible for organizing and guiding nucleic acid testing sites.”I couldn’t stay idle at home, and I couldn’t go out either, so I joined the volunteer team to make contributions to epidemic prevention and control in the community.”Kong Fanqin said.”Just thinking about doing something, from a personal perspective, I am a Chinese communist party members, and teachers in colleges and universities, and it is also a province cadre, three copies of the responsibility on me, and he had also had students experience as a volunteer service, is willing to do some contribution for village epidemic prevention and control, this also let I found during the period of school under the village community volunteer familiar feeling.””Wang Yan said.From 2014 to 2019, Wang managed the College Student Volunteer Association at Shandong University of Science and Technology, where he often led students to carry out various volunteer activities.As of April 8, Qufu City xiaoxue street Shengshuiyuan community signed up to participate in volunteer service personnel has more than 150 people.Despite their differences in occupation, age and personality, they share the same spirit of volunteerism and the same “kindness” and “warmth” in their hearts.