Total investment 5.03 billion yuan!Xinjiang Changji prefecture to fujian held investment promotion

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On February 25th, Changji Prefecture of Xinjiang province came to Xiamen, Fujian province to hold the investment promotion meeting, and held the project signing ceremony.A total of 10 projects were signed at the signing ceremony, including 9 on-site projects and 1 online project, with a total investment of 5.03 billion yuan.The project covers new energy and new materials, carbon sink trading, trade and logistics, agricultural products and other fields.The project has a good market prospect and strong driving ability, which is in line with the industrial layout and development orientation of Changji Prefecture. It is an important achievement of Changji Prefecture’s persistent efforts to attract investment, launch projects and promote development, and will play a positive role in promoting the industrial transformation and upgrading and high-quality economic development of Changji Prefecture.The signing scene.It is reported that Fujian has provided counterpart assistance to Changji Prefecture for more than 20 years.For more than 20 years (a new round of cooperation for Xinjiang began in 2010), Fujian and Chang have deeply integrated development in industrial cooperation, cultural exchanges and other aspects. Fujian province has fully supported the development of various undertakings in Changji Prefecture and forged profound friendship with the people of all ethnic groups in Changji Prefecture, which has strongly promoted the rapid economic and social development of Changji Prefecture.”Changji has an important strategic position, obvious resource advantages, solid industrial foundation, harmonious cultural environment, and unique geographical advantages, resource advantages and environmental advantages. I hope that entrepreneurs can visit Changji for field visits and exchanges. Changji will fully support enterprises’ investment and business development with the best environment and best services.Join hands to promote the growth of enterprises and achieve high-quality economic development.”Changji State Party Standing Committee, executive vice Governor Sun Jizhou said in the speech.Sign a contract to broadcast the propaganda video of Changji prefecture.Photographed by Wang Yin xin, Changji, meaning prosperous and auspicious, covers a total area of 7.39 square kilometers, with a population of 1.61 million.It has jurisdiction over 7 counties and cities (Manas County, Hutubi County, Jimusal County, Qitai County, Mulei Kazak Autonomous County, Changji City, Fukang City) and 3 national parks (Zhundong Economic and Technological Development Zone, Changji National High-tech Industry Development Zone, Changji National Agricultural Science and Technology Park).Changji prefecture is located in the north slope of Tianshan Mountain economic belt and wuchangshi (Urumqi, Changji prefecture, Shihezi) city group lead the core area of development, is an important part of xinjiang Silk Road economic belt core area.Based on the new development stage, the implementation of the new development concept and the construction of a new development pattern, Changji prefecture centering on the construction of the “15+4” industrial system, high-end extended chain modern coal power and coal chemical industry, non-ferrous metals, coal, coal power, mineral development and processing, shale oil and gas processing, food processing, textile and garment 8 advantage industries.Cultivate strong new material, equipment manufacturing, biomedicine, energy conservation, environmental protection, new building materials, new energy, digital industry seven emerging industries, scientific planning hydrogen industry, automobile industry, the energy storage industry, four prospectie medical devices industry, energetically develop trade and logistics, finance, health and other forms, build chain, chain, chain, chain, chain, realize the whole chain of China merchants.Signing scene, beautiful Changji display.Wang Guohe, Party Secretary of Changji, Xinjiang; Li Wanhong, Deputy Director of Coordination Department of Fujian Development and Reform Commission (Counterpart Assistance Office); Zhang Yigong, Deputy Secretary of Xiamen Municipal Party Committee; and leaders of Changji Municipal Party Committee, People’s Congress, government, AND CPPCC attended the ceremony and witnessed the signing.