The best way to live in the New Year: “Go to bed early and make more money when you are free!”

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Not long ago, a girl born after 1995 said, “I want to save money to buy a house.I am not afraid of hardship, bitter bitter in case sweet?Even if it is bitter and not sweet, it can be accepted, try again, do not give up.”Liu Shuxian, 26, an electronic and information engineering graduate from Chongqing Institute of Technology, failed in her business after graduation. She owed 200,000 yuan in debt and started looking for ways to make money to pay off the debt.She can earn 40 yuan by driving 20 kilometers during the day.I spent the night washing my car by the roadside with my friends. The sign said: 8 yuan for taxi, 10 yuan for ride-hailing and 15 yuan for private cars.By working so hard, she was out of debt in two years.After the net friend saw, one after another praised and said: great!Heartfelt admiration, wish early salted fish turn over.Franklin once said: “Two empty pockets of people waist not straight, why?Because they ask for help.”Don’t want to compromise and bow to life, it is necessary to have enough money, enough health.In the New Year, I hope we can all do: make money, keep going to bed early and exercise self-discipline.Insist on going to bed early, it is to charge the body about staying up late, as if to become the standard match of the young people, some people stay up late because of overtime, and some people stay up late is to feel that early sleep waste time and life.Most people forget the importance of sleep, and often use mobile phones until midnight, not only get dark circles, but also bad for health.According to the 2021 White Paper on Exercise and Sleep, the insomnia rate among Chinese adults is as high as 38.2 percent, and more than 300 million of them have sleep disorders, most of them young and middle-aged people, who are the backbone of social development.Nowadays, many diseases that are supposed to be diseases of the elderly are occurring early in the young, which is closely related to living under high pressure for a long time and not having a good rest.No matter what the reason for staying up late, please do not risk your life.Sleep, which takes up a third of our lives, may seem useless, but it does a lot of good for our bodies, especially our minds.There is a 31-year-old Mr. Li in Changsha. He went to the hospital for treatment because he stayed up until 2 or 3 o ‘clock in the morning to play games. He felt chest tightness and cough.Through cardiac color ultrasound and laboratory examination, Mr. Li was diagnosed as heart failure.At that time, his heart had expanded and was only functioning at 35 percent, less than half of normal people.”Heart failure is a very dangerous attack,” the doctor explained. “Within an hour you can lose consciousness and go into cardiac arrest.”Kou Zhun once said: “Don’t rest, ill regret.”A lot of people do not think of it when they are healthy, do not know how to maintain, and so on when the disease comes, regret it is too late.We need to know, people alive, can be healthy than rich, when the health problems, no matter how much money you spend, can not buy back a healthy body.Getting to bed on time is more important than anything else.So, there is nothing in the world worth overdrawing your health and burning the midnight oil.Only a good rest, just have more energy to play strange upgrade.Nothing to go to bed early, is the biggest gentle, but also to the body the best charge and health.Make money well, it is hard when the bottom of the money, is everyone’s anchor.Especially in the middle age, we have parents and children. We are at the center of this scale, and a careless illness will make the family into chaos.Dai Jianye, an “Internet celebrity professor” who has become unexpectedly popular online for his humorous lecture style in the past two years, was praised by People’s Daily as “a talk show contestant who has been delayed by his academic work”.Once, in the middle of the lecture, a member of the audience stood up and asked him confidently: “I admit that your lectures are very good, but you go around making mistakes for money. Do you have the character and style of a scholar?”After hearing this, the suave Dai Jianye answered in silence for a while: “My wife has a box of anti-cancer drugs of 50,000 yuan. How many boxes of drugs can I buy with my salary?You criticize me for not having a literary character. But if I lose my wife, what do I need a literary character for?”By the end, tears were streaming down Dai jianye’s face.One day before, Dai Jianye went to the hospital to visit his wife and found her lying on her stomach looking for a lost medicine.Having seen everything, he changed his mind about not accepting lectures.As soon as I turned around, I called the TV station and accepted the invitation to speak that I had been declining.How sad ah, a penny of heroes, a penny more can crush the original straight back.As I grow older, I will find that only by making more money can I taste a little sweetness to myself after the vicissitudes of life.Douyin bloggers @Rorou and Xiaopang posted a video: “At the end of the month, in order to save money, we had to cancel some social events. People told us that money is earned, not saved.Don’t believe that. None of those people are better off than we are right now.”When she started working, her monthly salary was 7,000 yuan, and her husband’s monthly salary was 10,000 yuan. They planned well in advance to prevent blind consumption.For example, 5,000 yuan is a mandatory fixed deposit, and the rest is spent on insurance, food, clothing, housing and daily expenses.Every year down regular 60,000 yuan, plus the rest of the money, can save 70,000 to 80,000 yuan.Five years later, they made their first bucket of gold and established themselves in Beijing.I’ve heard the saying, “Let your mind be quiet and settled;Work and make a living, steadfast and diligent;Treat people, and smooth gas;Day to save my body, upward toward good.All this is the true God who blesses you.You are your own god.”On reflection, people are really very expensive to live, most of the troubles in life, are because of the lack of money.Money not only keeps us alive, it gives us a cushion and a break in life.So there’s nothing tacky about making money. It gives us dignity, security and confidence.The self-disciplined movement gives the second half of life a different way to live the second half of life, like a multiple choice question.Some people think that it is inevitable for people to be dull, fat and greasy when they reach a certain age.As a result, they seem to find the right reason to indulge themselves, but the further they go, the more they feel the pressure on their body and life.But some people, as they experience growth, more like a light exudes a unique temperament.Liu Weisong, 46, director of a hospital in Hainan Province, quickly became an Internet sensation after a video of him throwing discus at a sports meeting.His 1.86m height, tall and straight posture and well-balanced figure are the result of 20 years of daily exercise and self-discipline.Behind the glitter, he is a brain tumor patient who has had two surgeries for a herniated disc in his back.He was diagnosed with a brain tumor during a routine medical checkup and is in stable condition after undergoing radiation treatment.However, the pressure of the brain tumor caused moderate to severe deafness in the left ear, and the balance system of the body was also affected.”I can’t do things like running and jumping,” he said. “Now I just have to do it.”Even if he comes home late, he will keep on exercising for a while.Now, he has been working out for more than 20 years and continues to work out three times a week.Haruki Murakami once said, “In this era, the body is not only a temple for the soul, but also a manifestation of one’s overall strength.”Exercising for a day, two days or even a year may not make a significant difference, but after 10 years, people who exercise regularly become more confident and sunny.No one’s happiness and good luck is created out of thin air, behind every bit of effort and pay.Among the movie stars of numerous HongKong and Taiwan, Lv Liangwei is also the person that goes against age to grow.Although he is over sixty years old, he is in good shape and looks like a man in his thirties or forties.Once, when he went to a nursing home to do charity work, he was “teased”. The old people thanked the visitor and said that the young man was really caring.Looking through his daily life records, in addition to promoting the new drama, show love, the most is about fitness regimen, actively promoting a healthy lifestyle.People who don’t know him might think he is a fitness blogger, but in fact, he just loves exercise and loves to share his fitness experience.In the interview, he said he runs about 10,000 steps a day, does squats, zams and even simple exercises on the plane.Exercise is the most direct way to improve self-discipline.”An exercise, like a detox, gets rid of the negative energy in the body and saves our tired soul and spirit.”We live in this fast-paced era, keeping self-discipline is a basic quality that everyone should have.True self-discipline, however, is never achieved overnight, but the ability to develop self-discipline through daily repetitions.Like this sentence: happiness is accumulated bit by bit, life is a day by day out of business.Even if it is not insignificant a small thing, as long as we insist on doing it every day, a year later we have rich harvest.In 2022, everything will change. In the year of the Tiger, set new, achievable and sustainable goals for yourself, and accomplish them one by one.Point to see, 2022, I wish you and I live up to the years, in the accumulation and precipitation day after day, and better myself to meet.