Linze County Transportation bureau to grasp the fine road safety regulation, and constantly improve the level of comprehensive law enforcement

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Linze County Transportation Bureau combined with the “three advance, three questions, three checks to ensure stability, promote development and benefit people’s livelihood” activities, based on the job responsibilities, pay close attention to the road safety hidden trouble renovation, constantly improve the comprehensive law enforcement level, to eliminate the potential safety hidden trouble of highway management to the maximum extent.First, we will strengthen routine highway inspection and supervision.We have strictly implemented the highway inspection system, strengthened inspection measures, refined the division of labor, and clarified inspection responsibilities. We have carried out continuous inspection and supervision over 25 464km sections of three national and provincial highways, seven county roads, three industrial parks, and 12 township roads under key jurisdiction, cleared road blocks in a timely manner, and reported back and remedied potential safety hazards.Since the beginning of this year, more than 170 law enforcement officers have been dispatched to carry out more than 50 inspections, with a total mileage of more than 5,200 kilometers. Six reports on rectification of inspection problems were handed in, and nine problems were rectified within the prescribed time limit, effectively ensuring the safety and smooth flow of roads.Second, we will investigate and prosecute road property cases.Facing the negative influence of extreme weather to travel, to strengthen the communication with the public security traffic police and insurance company and extension “police protect linkage” range, since the Spring Festival has occurred in 7 cases of road traffic accident damage road timely intervention is investigated, and the traffic police brigade, the insurance company and client communication more than 30 times, maximum security damaged road get full compensation in time.Third, we will effectively carry out the regulation of freight vehicles over the limit.Further strengthen communication and cooperation with the public security traffic police department, focus on the joint enforcement of road police on major roads such as G312 line, LINze transit section of S301 line, Danxia Avenue of X056 line, Linli Road of X061 line, order and supervise the unloading and transfer of illegal overloaded vehicles, and timely correct the illegal status.Strengthen the transport behavior management of sand and stone (residue) carriers, carry out interviews and investigations on the construction materials, sand and stone yard, commercial concrete station and other enterprises and bulk goods distribution centers and other key freight source units, and request the county government to announce 11 key freight source units.8 copies of “Letter of Warning for Law-abiding Loading of Key Freight Source Units (Enterprises)” and “Agreement on Road Surface Cleaning for Sand and Stone Transportation” were issued and signed, more than 120 freight vehicles (times) were inspected, and more than 6000 square meters of spilled objects were ordered to be cleaned.26 law enforcement personnel have been dispatched to carry out flow control with traffic police for 8 times, investigated and transferred to traffic police for 7 cases of over-limit vehicles, and ordered to unload more than 170 tons of goods, effectively maintaining highway traffic safety.Fourth, we will continue to clean up non – highway signs.In accordance with the requirements of establishing a national civilized city, carefully investigate the bottom, and register the setting units, setting contents, setting forms, layout size and other information of the 2 national and provincial trunk highways in our county road by road block, establish working ledger, clarify responsible units, renovation requirements and completion time.To the relevant towns, units and enterprises issued “national and provincial main highway along the cleaning and renovation notice” 26 copies, supervise and guide the setting units according to the requirements of the approval procedures, guide the relevant setting units to dismantle part of the non-highway signs.Up to now, has remedied 110 pieces.(Linze County Transportation Bureau pu Xichao) statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: