Jetu X90 Zilong version to store, built-in Dalian screen +SONY custom audio, with kunpeng 2.0T

2022-09-20 0 By

After Chery successfully brought the new Kunpeng 2.0T engine, it not only indicated that another bottleneck of independent engine research and development was broken, but also showed that chery’s domestic “technology flow” is not a vain name.Of course, now that another breakthrough has been accomplished;The next step, of course, is to put it on top of their own products.As a result, Chery not only uses this engine in its high-end brand Xingtu and its own Ruihu series models, but also successfully uses The 2.0T power of Kunpeng in jietu, its main market friendly vehicle, through the launch of the new X90 Dragon version.Thanks to the Jietu X90 son dragon version has officially opened the presale not long ago;Now there have been netizens in the local agency, took the car real car figure.So, jetway X90 son dragon version can give us a surprise?Take a look.First of all, in terms of appearance, it is just an extension of the original X90.The appearance of the new car has not been changed again.Its front face will still have angular large multi-spoke grid, and with horizontal matrix headlights and vertical fog lights below the design, it is enough to express its fashion and atmospheric attributes.On the side of the car, the smooth and powerful discontinuous waist line, combined with the towering overall shape and the dense spoke large size wheel rim, will show the inherent form of the SUV incisively and vividly.The rear of the car, with its slender, chrome penetrating taillights, is angular and cut to create a distinctive visual layer.In addition, the rear enclosed rectangular bilateral exhaust layout effectively sublimates its sporty texture.Turning to the car, 12.3 inches +9.3 inches dalian screen layout, combined with the electronic stopper and the abolition of most of the physical keys integrated in the design of the touch panel, so that its interior has a very rich atmosphere of science and technology.In terms of configuration, in addition to several large screens, the new car also includes Tencent Intelligent Ecology and Huawei HiCar system.With DMS face recognition system, OMS passenger monitoring system, L2.5 intelligent auxiliary driving system and SONY customized audio, it can not only express the technological atmosphere of its interior is not just “fancy”, but also reflect the richness of its configuration.As for power, as mentioned above, the new car will be powered by the group’s newly developed Kunpeng 2.0T turbocharged engine, which has a maximum output of 254 HP and a peak torque of 390 N · m.It is matched with a 7-speed wet dual clutch gearbox.