IPhone14 folding screen concept machine: A17 bionic core + self-developed 5G baseband, the starting price is expected to exceed 20,000

2022-09-20 0 By

At present, all major domestic mobile phone manufacturers are actively developing their own foldable mobile phones. Not only Huawei, but also OPPO and Honor have launched their first foldable mobile phones.In particular, OPPO’s OPPO Find N is sold out. The 8+256GB version costs only 7,699 yuan, which is really amazing. Compared with Huawei’s Mate X2 foldable phone, the threshold of access is lower.But in terms of global market share, Samsung is truly the king of the foldable screen with 93%.And recently, foreign media spread the latest news of Apple, is expected in 2025, Cook will launch the first folding screen phone, Samsung’s strong competitor finally appeared.From the foreign media exposure of the iPhone 14 folding screen of the rendering design, it is really amazing, the body frame is made of stainless steel, the same brick three-dimensional design, grip is quite good.When unfolded, the screen will be 9.2 inches, but it will also support a 120Hz high brush, which makes for a great experience in terms of smoothness.In terms of core configuration, the iPhone 14 foldable phone will be equipped with the A17 bionic chip, whose performance is unquestionable. In addition, its power consumption performance is definitely better than android foldable phone, which is also a big selling point.But more importantly, the foldable iPhone 14 is expected to feature its own 5G baseband chip, which could better address apple’s poor reception in the past and make it a better experience for apple fans.Of course, the folding screen mobile phone is not only folding, after the expansion of multi-screen operation, is also a highlight.Thanks to Apple’s IOS operating system, the iPhone 14 foldout is a great experience, the equivalent of a phone, the equivalent of a phone plus a tablet, and because the screen creases are so controlled, the display is really amazing.Next, watch out for the iPhone 14’s camera system. According to a new forecast by analyst 𠓹, Apple is expected to upgrade the main camera from 12 megapixels to 48 megapixels starting with the iPhone 14, and the rear tri-camera module will still be pretty poorThe flagship iPhone 14 will also feature a lidar scanner plus movie mode, so taking photos and videos will also be a highlight.However, the larger the screen, the faster the power consumption, so in order to improve the battery life experience, iPhone 14 folding screen will be equipped with a 4000mAh capacity of battery, and support 30W cable fast charging, not particularly good, but meet the daily use, do not need to charge frequently, is enough.I personally am very optimistic about apple’s first foldable mobile phone, because with apple’s product power and influence, Apple mobile phone will make many apple fans look forward to.And with the A17 bionic chip +IOS system support, performance and power consumption performance is also excellent.But all the apple mobile phone price is expected to more than ever, more than 20000 yuan, it is perfectly possible, but should still there will be a lot of rice to buy, at the same time this kind of mobile phone will be the cook’s ace in the hole, apple has occupied most of the domestic high-end market, the samsung folding screen market is also want to cook for.Do you think it’s worth buying an iPhone 14 with a foldable screen?Feel free to share and leave your comments in the comments section.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to digital xiao Hao