Evening thoughts, she

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Ignorant age, parents just stiffly warned us not to fall in love.But they never tell us what to do when we really like someone.So, we groped carefully, even at the enemy of the world, stubborn with their own small body, for the beloved one is not firm, even scarred umbrella.Can later, we went to the fair in love, only to find that we are more walk more far, the heart also have holes, unable to bear the heavy promise again when noon sunlight from strong soft gradually, when the line of the world from clear gradually dim, watching with twilight sky gradually, will there be a hint of lonely feeling?Everything is gradually disappearing, reach out your hand, want to catch a little trace ah.When calm down, there is a sense that the world and I are disappearing.The train slowly forward, I look out of the window, look at the phone, then quietly close your eyes, slowly open.The scenery outside the window changes from time to time, my thoughts also wander dimly discernible.Every evening, there is a story.There are a few. They’re not very impressive, but every now and then they sneak up.When certain characters appear in that story, there must be more emotion.Time flies, time flies.He and she have been apart for a long time.Her figure actually already stopped in his heart, when he looked for powerless, already tears trickling down one’s cheeks.Unfortunately, the two who do not say anything, to the end is also far apart, gradually far away.To later, said good to go down with the people have no trace.At the beginning of the promise to be together forever, just like a big joke, hard to play a trick on them.Now can keep, only miss.Walk alone on the avenue of the school, the person is coming and going, only I lag behind, alone pair of dusk bleak sunlight, inexplicable melancholy welled up in my mind.Evening classes were still full of lights and shoving crowds.Wobbly leisurely walked to the classroom, I casually found a corner, imperceptibly initiated to stay.Perhaps she is still huddled in a corner, hugging herself, thinking of the past;To remember in a hurry that time, indifferent smile, that is their youth memorial.