Big mouth eats quartet, Yu Chengdong gathers together four brands, Huawei wants to be a store elder brother?

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A car should be equipped with at least 6 sales and service customers and 1000 Huawei stores. Each store will deliver 30 units per month and the annual sales of 300,000 units will be easily won.As soon as Yu chengdong opened his mouth, he gave full play to the four calculations, which was amazing.From the point of view of mathematics, Mr. Yu is skilled in oral calculation and has a solid theoretical foundation.But from an objective point of view, it is a big mouth to deceive consumers under the banner of Huawei.What is the concept of annual sales of 300,000 cars? Tesla will sell 320,000 cars in China in 2021. Mr. Yu wants to catch up with Tesla not only in price but also in sales volume.So how did Mr. Yu have the courage to set a target of selling 300,000 cars a year?Is it the abandoned Cyrus, or the favored M5, or Avita, or the Polar Fox?Is it true that the collection of these four mediocre domestic brands can summon a Tesla, four stutters, can really top tesla?Why huawei is so hard to sell cars, it has always declared that it will not build cars, why it suddenly moved from behind the scenes to the front, why can’t it be magna and Borgwarner of cars?The only possibility is that the investment cost is high, the research and development cycle is long, the return is poor, and the automobile market cake is large, the profit is considerable.Among these four brands, the one with the highest “Chinese” content should be AITO.From early-stage product participation to late-stage marketing, M5 has received preferential resources from Huawei.Ask the M5 has not been delivered, it is removed from the siris SF5 signboard, is really a generation of new wins the old, siris SF5 is still in delivery is facing the fate of abandonment.As for Huawei, the sales volume of SIris SF5 is only more than 8,000 units in 2021 under huawei’s strenuous publicity, which has lost the ability of growth and is quite normal to be abandoned.Huawei has placed high hopes on whether the M5 can avoid the tragedy of Siris SF5. At present, Huawei has not officially given the specific order quantity. Huawei directly operated stores give the data of more than 7000 units, and authorized experience stores give the data of more than 9000 units.According to Huawei’s urine, if the order volume is substantial, it will say that the order will break 10,000 within 2 hours, and the order will break 30,000 within 8 hours.It can be seen that after the storm of Siellis SF5 leek, consumers with Huawei feelings will calm down. After all, extravagant consumption is not allowed in the money bag.So can the Polar Fox and Avita help Huawei reach its target of 300,000 vehicles in the future? The answer is clearly no.The polar Fox will sell 6,006 units in 2021, so even doubling sales is a dream.Polar foxes, on the other hand, are not very rich in Chinese.And in the later stage of publicity and marketing, Huawei’s resources are more focused on asking M5.Moreover, BAIC is unlikely to be pushed around by Huawei, as Jinkang was.Baic has its own strategic layout of new energy, and Huawei also knows that baiC will not give up its power when the two meet.As Huawei’s sense of participation decreased, it naturally took a cold attitude towards Gehu in the later stage of publicity and sales, and even set up resource barriers.As for Avita, Chang ‘an claims that it is a product built on the CHN platform jointly with Huawei and Ningde Times.However, the bus is still in the state of holding lute half mask, the bright spot information is very little, can not cause the eyes of consumers.Even with the fastest launch, it is difficult to achieve desirable results.According to my personal prediction, the monthly sales of 1000 units is already the ideal limit. The delivery will start in December 2019, and the cumulative sales will be 136,400 units.Xiaopeng began to be delivered in January 2018, with a cumulative sales volume of 150,000 units.Nio began deliveries in the first half of 2018, with a cumulative sales volume of 176,700 units.It has taken Xiaopeng four years to break through 200,000 cars, and Manager Yu will eat 300,000 cars with one mouth. Even if there are 10,000 Huawei stores, you can’t talk freely, even if you don’t respect consumers and market at the very least.Conclusion: If Huawei, as an automobile supplier, stands behind the scenes, it is possible to provide services for 3 million cars, not to mention 300,000 cars, and win the respect of the market and consumers at the same time.But when it comes to the front desk, Mr. Yu’s 300, 000 cars are nothing short of whimsical and seriously divorced from objective reality.Brand much more, store much more, also can only amuse oneself in mouth hi.