Attention during the new school season!School class group occurrence “impersonate teacher” class fraud

2022-09-20 0 By

Recently, a primary school in Jinchengjiang district, the parents of seven students were posing as school teachers fraudsters added wechat, pulled into the fake “class notice group”, in order to charge for the new semester materials and various examination fees in the name, has swindled a total of 1,386 yuan.Later, a parent felt suspicious, after verifying with the school, the teacher only to find that was cheated, and in the false “class notice group” to expose the scam, the swindler will all parents kicked out of the group chat.Deception revealed: fraudsters by stealing or cloning parents, teachers wechat, QQ, in a variety of ways into the parent group, the use of parents to the teacher’s trust, under the guise of “teacher” in the name of the need to pay clothing, teaching materials, materials and other costs for the implementation of fraud.1. Ensure that the identity of the members of the parent group is clear. The teacher should sort out the members of the parent group in time.If you find an unidentified person, check out the group chat as soon as possible.2. When the teacher charges fees for clothing, teaching materials and books, he or she will notify the parents in advance or let the students convey the fees to their parents.If parents receive the news of charging various fees, they should confirm with the teacher and student immediately, and then transfer the money.Back-to-school season many pretend to be “teacher” a new way of fraud in the near future, hechi happen together “as teachers” class of fraud alert let us together to get to know means, improve the awareness of fraud part No. 1 let’s take a look at the first is to understand how to implement step by step fraud and liars cheat process 1, scam artists may have long been lurking within the group,When carrying out the fraud, they will modify the avatar and nickname to be exactly the same as the teacher;2. Fraudsters choose to commit fraud at 1 am. Many parents get up early to see the notice and then transfer the money.3. After payment, ask for a screenshot to be sent to the group. Once a parent sends a screenshot, many people will believe it and continue to follow the trend of transfer, resulting in a large area of fraud;1, the second case, happened at about 23 o ‘clock in the evening, the swindler also chose to carry out the fraud in the dead of night;2, the notice is also full of loopholes, more alert parents have begun to suspect the trickster’s trick;3, parents pointed out that the timely alarm, but also identify the cheat’s wechat avatar icon is exactly the same as the teacher;No.3 We can identify the identity of the swindler by analyzing the similarities between the two cases and the behavior of the swindler which is different from ordinary people to avoid being cheated. 1. The notice issued is not formal, with No school signature and non-standard time format.2, early in the morning and late at night, but also parents reply “received”, hurriedly urge payment;3, cheater generally rarely use @all wechat with the whole group reminder function, because it may pretend to be the teacher @ out, it is revealed, @ all parents are not the whole group to remind;4, what all do not explain, payment code first, Alipay is more fraud to buy the account, easy to transfer money laundering.In the face of such fraud don’t panic don’t transfer more clues to leave a mind’s eye to collect evidence, alarm, please directly dial 110 report in a timely manner and to remind others don’t believe in online search “net police” hechi police remind during term time pretend to be a teacher at the class a high incidence of fraud parents, teachers and students, please pay attention to must polish eyes to all kinds of scams