Ambitious Prince Akishino, the only royal child at the age of 41, edged out the emperor’s daughter

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In the Japanese royal family, you can even become the tallest person in the royal family at 1.7 meters.In 2020, The Japanese monarchy announced That Prince Akishino was in line to succeed the emperor.At 5 ‘5 “, He is the tallest man in the history of the Japanese royal family.You may have a list of question marks: Britain’s Prince William is 1.91 cm tall, and Spain’s King Felipe is 1.97 cm tall, but none of them boast about being the tallest royal.How to reach the Japanese royal family 1.75 meters on the top?Because the Japanese royal family has never been very tall.When Barack Obama visited Japan’s imperial Palace in 2009, he bowed nearly 90 degrees and stood the same height as Emperor Akihito.Obama is thought to be 1.87 meters tall, while Emperor Akihito is 1.62 meters tall.Akihito would have to walk on stilts of more than 20 centimeters to stand next to Obama.Obama was polite enough, and then the United States elected a president who was 6 ‘9 “tall and stood erect when he met Akihito, dwarfed the towering emperor.The president’s name is Trump.It’s not just Akihito who is short. Other emperors are ridiculously short.Emperor Showa has long been called the shortest emperor, standing only 1.58 meters tall.The current Emperor Naruhito is 1.63 meters tall, but he has never broken the 1.5-meter mark.So it’s not too much to call Prince Akishin, who is 5 ‘5 “, the tallest royal.While previous emperors could not break 1.65 meters, Fumihito reached 1.67 meters.Is it better food, or genetics?The height of Japanese people has been discussed for a long time. In ancient China, Japan was always referred to as “The Kingdom of Japan”, which had no derogatory meaning at the beginning.But later found that the Japanese who came to make trouble are very short, so Japan gradually became a synonym for short.According to statistics released in 2020, the average height of Japanese men is 170.8 centimeters, while that of Chinese men is 171.8 centimeters.This is also the result of Japan’s economic development decades ahead of China.The Japanese are generally short, and the Japanese royal family is the shortest of the short.Some of the most outrageous habits of the royal family are that members of the royal family marry on the basis of their social class, preferring Cousins to commoners, which has led to a high degree of closeness and genetic uniformity.Coincidence: The royal short curse was broken when Princess Michiko married into the royal family.At 1.62 metres, Michiko is about the same height as the average 80-year-old Japanese man and 10 centimetres taller than a woman of her age.Her sons are Naruhito, who is 6 ‘3 “, and Prince Akishino, who broke the curse.Is forcing a 40-year-old wife to give birth to a son really like something an heir to the emperor would do?In 2006, something happened in Japan that broke the centuries-old order of the monarchy.As the second son, prince Akishino and his wife have given birth to the only male son of the royal family, they have directly replaced Naruhito’s daughter and become the best heir to the emperor.It is not unheard of in Japanese history that brothers and brothers split, but each one was accompanied by a great deal of war and bloodshed.It was the first time in centuries that a son had been able to wrest the throne from the eldest son.But while Prince Akishino’s ascension to the throne was a triumph, his wife, Princess Kiko, paid a heavy price.Princess Kiko gave birth to two children, Princess Kayko and Princess Mako, while still in her 20s.She was pregnant for more than 10 years and never thought of having a baby.That was until 2005, the year Naruhito (then crown prince) was widely criticized for having only one daughter, Aiko, when her husband Akishino suddenly revealed his ambitions.Because imperial succession is usually passed down from male to female (there are female emperors, but in exceptional cases), naruhito’s wife, Princess Masako, was fervently implored to have another son.It might be easy for ordinary people, but Naruhito’s physical condition is special, and even his daughter Aison is the result of trying for more than 10 years.Besides, both he and his wife are over 40 years old, too old to have children.Naruhito then told the media: Masako princess has suffered from mental illness due to too much pressure, I hope you understand.The result a few days later Wenren ran up to break up and shouted at naruhito: why did I not know my sister-in-law was sick?And you didn’t tell dad?The implication is: elder brother you lie, Masako is not sick, but can not give birth at all.Wenhito’s knife move directly naruhito’s prestige to the lowest, but also for his later plan to pave the way.Isn’t sister-in-law forbidden?My wife can give birth.A year later Wenren’s son Hisahito was born, when we learned that Hisahito is male, the whole Of Japan are boiling, think Japanese royal blood life should not be absolutely.Only this kind of cheer, princess Kiko at the risk of 40 years of birth.Third, Japan still retains this strange custom.A group of people dressed like officials of Zhu Yuanzhang’s era, riding in british-style carriages, went to the Japanese imperial palace to kowtow and worship.I would have thought it was a time travel drama if the title hadn’t reminded me that it was a ceremony for the heir to the Japanese emperor.The video shows Prince Akishino, dressed in orange, in a ceremony to “become first in line to the throne.”Although he kept a poker face throughout the ceremony, his wife Kiko’s sly fox smile gave him away.Father with your son wenren coveting the throne is not a day or two.In 2014, Akishino took hisahito to experience father-son affection. He pointed to the photo of himself and said to his son, “This is your father.””This is your uncle,” he said, pointing to a photo of his older brother, Crown Prince Naruhito.Have you noticed the problem? As a man who always pays attention to etiquette, He only used respectful words to himself instead of showing respect to crown Prince Naruhito.Naruhito later became emperor, and Akishino became first in line to the throne because he had a son.Knowing he had it in his pocket, he began to drift: he demanded more money and more power from the royal family.Take wife to visit various countries, familiar with the emperor’s business process in advance.Rumor has it that his wife criticizes those at the bottom of the ladder at the palace, acting like a man of the people.And the thought of such a man as a future queen is terrifying.