Alert!A family of six stuttering farmhouse was rushed to the hospital!Official Alerts

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Six people in Xiamen, Fujian province, were immediately sent to the hospital because they ate…Recently, Ms. Lin, a family of six people went to xiang ‘an farmhouse to eat, ordered a “garlic fry soil eggs.”What?A bit bitter!!Not so much, but when the whole plate was almost finished someone started vomiting!!I realized something was wrong.So call to cook, cook a taste found wrong taste, immediately go to the kitchen trash can to find out “garlic seedlings” “garlic”, the original is narcissus head!Urgent!!!Urgent!!!Businesses immediately accompany Ms. Lin a family of six people to the hospital, after treatment has no serious problem.Garlic, daffodil silly silly points not clear?The farmer mistakenly made daffodil leaves into dishes caused food poisoning suspected of violating the “Food Safety Law” Xiang ‘an District Market Supervision bureau has been involved in the investigation official remind!Do not collect any wild vegetables, do not eat!Xiang ‘an District Market Supervision Bureau warned that it is now the spring season to dig wild vegetables, and some poisonous plants look very similar to edible wild vegetables. If eaten as edible wild vegetables, the natural toxins may cause food poisoning.Citizens friends to do any wild vegetables do not pick, do not eat.Can go ahead produce discomfort such as potherb vomiting, timely medical treatment, best before eating, whole vegetables will take pictures and save, easy to identify to guide treatment narcissus “play dumb” event has occurred more than Must be careful Don’t don’t know, a look startled There have been several narcissus “play dumb” event Many food poisoning Even someone so send the life!In 2009, Ms. Zhou’s family, who lives near Dongpu Road, Siming District, Xiamen, mistakenly ate daffodil stems as garlic ballads. As a result, five members of her family were hospitalized for food poisoning.Ms. Zhou said that in the afternoon, her father-in-law went out to buy vegetables and saw many people standing around a small stall on the roadside.Perhaps because the business was busy, the boss did not tell the father-in-law what was sold, the old man did not ask, bought a small bundle and went home.”Looks like garlic ballads, but not daffodil stems.”That night, Ms. Zhou’s husband, Mr. Xie, cooked the garlic, and around 7 a.m., the garlic balls were served.After about 10 minutes, they both felt “sick in their stomachs.”In addition to Ms. Zhou’s father-in-law and the baby less than two months old, there were no abnormal reactions, and several others continued to vomit.Thinking that they can’t get to the hospital in a short time, they quickly find a way to save themselves: drinking salt water to vomit.Finally, a family of five people came to the hospital, and they helped each other into the emergency room.Narcissus when garlic to eat suzhou a mother and daughter food poisoning directly into the hospital!On the morning of March 8, 2018, a woman surnamed Wu in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, woke up and cooked a vegetarian dish. The mother and daughter went out after eating breakfast.But before long, they all developed symptoms such as fatigue and vomiting.According to the doctor diagnosis, mother and daughter eat daffodil caused food poisoning.Originally in order to add flavor to the dish, Ms. Wu in the morning when cooking, let the child to cut some of their own garlic leaves in the basin, but the garlic side also planted narcissus, narcissus and garlic look similar, the child is not clear, the wrong narcissus when garlic cut.The wrong narcissus when garlic to eat a yongkang 5 poisoning!In 2019, a farmer in Qiancang Town, Yongkang City, sent five members of his family to the hospital for cooking a vegetable.The original is because the family as a field of daffodils, garlic, cooking food, after picking a 5 people after eating, have different degrees of symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, fortunately, consumption is not much, symptoms are lighter, 5 people vomiting protecting stomach and other support from the hospital after treatment, the symptoms disappear in a short period of time, all patients with no discomfort after hospital discharge.Hokkaido man dies from multiple organ failure A Man in his 60s in Hokkaido, Japan, picked daffodils growing in his yard in the afternoon, mistook them for leeks and fried them.Symptoms of food poisoning such as vomiting and diarrhea began to appear in the evening.The next morning to send medical emergency treatment, until the next day at noon emergency ineffective, finally because of multiple organ function failure and died.Xiamen friends pay attention!Attention!Daffodil bulb has a white transparent mucus somewhat like egg white, this toxin is called Latin can generally be 15 minutes to an hour after eating the onset of disease!The symptom has vomiting, bellyache, pulse frequency is small, go out cold sweat, dysentery, breath is irregular, body temperature rises, lethargy, collapse to wait, serious person produces spasm, paralytic and die!It’s really confusing to look at pictures of daffodils versus garlic so how do you tell the difference between daffodils and garlic?The solution is simple: strip them!You can see the cloves of garlic when you break the root of the garlic and the root of the daffodil is like an onion, layer by layer and an even easier way to do it is to smell it and if you smell garlic it’s garlic yes!(Duh!)Xiamen, Xiang ‘an District market Supervision Bureau, Yongkang Daily, Suzhou TV station, network and other statements: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: