Young people from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan enthusiastically participated in volunteer services for the Winter Olympics

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Young Volunteers of Taiwan Winter Olympics pose with children.(Photo provided by interviewee) Macau youth Chen Conghang (first from left) instructs team members in training.Under the slogan “Together for the future”, the Beijing Winter Olympics was held as promised. Many young people from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan enthusiastically participated in the Games, showing their unique youth style.They may volunteer for the Winter Olympic Games to provide heart-warming and professional services, or join the city volunteer service team for the Winter Olympic Games to provide guidance and publicity to citizens and tourists in the Capital, or show their expertise in snow and ice sports and make unique contributions to the Winter Olympic Games.Recently, the reporter interviewed a number of young people in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and asked them to talk about their “winter Olympics story”.”I feel very honored and cherish this opportunity to protect and serve the Chinese national team.”Chen Conghang, a young man from Macao, has been living in Beijing for 10 years. After finishing his undergraduate study in Beijing Sport University, he entered Tsinghua University and is now studying for a doctor’s degree in sports.Last August, he became the physical coach of the Nordic combined (ski jumping, cross-country skiing) national training team, assisting athletes with physical training and regeneration.This year, the national team qualified for Nordic combined for the first time at the Winter Olympics.Chen conghang told reporters that athletes can reach speeds of 100 kilometers per hour and drop more than 100 meters during the platform.Athletes must always balance the complex relationship between skill and physical ability, explosive power and endurance.”When athletes are using equipment for strength training, sensors calculate power based on range of motion and speed.Fitness coaches customize personal training programs based on champion model data to further improve athletes’ athletic performance and performance.This fully embodies the concept of ‘high-tech Olympics’.”Chen conghang said.”As volunteers of the Winter Olympic Games, we hold ourselves to the highest standards and show our youthful strength!”Gan Kun-xia, a young Macao student at Beijing Normal University, is now a volunteer at the National Speed Skating Venue ice Ribbon.”We hope to provide the audience with sincere and professional services and convey the warmth and friendliness of our Chinese people.””She told reporters.It was the first time for Lin Xiaowen, a Hong Kong student studying at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, to attend the rehearsal for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.”I’m mainly in charge of grandstand service for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics.The opening ceremony was so grand and exciting that my classmates and I were so excited and cheered for the whole journey.”Lin’s Friends in Hong Kong were envious of her presence and asked if they could see her on TV.”I have been longing for Beijing since I was a child. After coming to the ancient city, I gained a new understanding and appreciation of the country’s history and culture.”She said.Ma Wan wen, a young man from Macao from the Central University of Finance and Economics, told the reporter that she works in the arrival and departure service post of the Capital International Airport, and carries out information communication and business docking with the closed loop.”As one of the volunteers for the Beijing Winter Olympics, it is a great honor and unforgettable experience to work with the students and staff in the closed Loop to ensure the smooth operation of the Airport for the Winter Olympics.”At the east gate of Beijing’s Zizhuyuan Park, there is a special city volunteer service team for the Winter Olympics, providing daily volunteer services such as guidance and publicity.Chen Wencheng, the convenor of the team and a teacher of the Sports teaching and Research Department of Peking University, told reporters that all the 10 members of the team, including himself, are made up of Taiwan youth and Taiwan students living in Beijing.Every day at 9 o ‘clock, the team will pick up the loudspeaker on time, Shouting: “2022, come to Beijing together, come on for the Winter Olympics!”The enthusiasm of the public response beyond the imagination of the players, white-haired grandpa, kindergarten children, young couples, migrant workers…According to Chen wencheng, they serve about 1,000 people a day.”Although I am busy from morning till night, it is very worthwhile to participate in the activities to help the Winter Olympics and let the citizens feel the service and enthusiasm of Taiwan compatriots.”To attract more citizens to participate, Chen paid for thousands of postcards, bookmarks and other small gifts with cross-strait elements.And when we know that these active young people come from Taiwan, take root in the mainland and contribute to the Winter Olympics, we are especially friendly to them.”It’s really heartwarming that people come up to me and say hello.”Chen wencheng said that this period of time he not only felt the enthusiasm of the Winter Olympics, but also deeply realized the spiritual fit between people on both sides of the Strait.Like Chen, Li Cheuk-ying, a Student from Hong Kong studying at the Communication University of China, and Qin Ying-dong, a youth from Macau, are also city volunteers serving at a station in Taikoo Li sanlitun, Beijing.”The Beijing Winter Olympics is a grand gathering of global ice and snow sports, and a stage for all the sons and daughters of the Chinese nation to participate in and share the glory.”‘We all felt proud to be Chinese from the bottom of our hearts,’ Mr. Chen said.Serving the Olympic Family: ‘Unique Experience’ Liu Qiuqi, a young Macao graduate student at Peking University, is now an assistant to the Olympic Family.She introduces to the reporter, the Olympic family core customers from the international Olympic committee, international individual sports federation, countries (regions) Olympic committee (ioc), etc., accompanied by family assistant during personal services, access to the competition venue and the competition venues, at the same time as the customer and the Olympic family and emergency contact directly, providing services such as language translation and information communication.”I learned a wealth of knowledge and skills in international concierge and foreign etiquette.The seemingly simple schedule requires continuous communication and cooperation from various personnel to ensure the smooth travel of foreign guests.”Liu qiuqi said that during the communication with the client, the client mentioned that he had participated in many Olympic Games and left a deep and unique experience with the Beijing Winter Olympics. He spoke highly of the opening ceremony and sports competitions and hoped to come back to Beijing again after the epidemic.Chen Jiaqing, a Young Man from Macau who graduated from Peking University and co-founded animation studio Star River Slow Boat with his friends last year, produced a 60-second promotional animation for the Winter Olympics that aired on Beijing SATELLITE TV, Tiktok and other platforms.”The six Chinese athletes, including Gu Ailing, appeared as animated characters, breaking through difficulties and achieving good results in the icy snow, conveying the sense of solidarity and unity of all, and fully demonstrating the Olympic spirit.”Chen jiaqing told reporters: “Although the animation is only 60 seconds, but gathered a lot of people’s wisdom and strength, invited many domestic and foreign animators took nearly one and a half months to complete.”Chen jiaqing believes that he is very lucky to be able to participate in such a world-class event as the Winter Olympics as he just started his career in the animation industry.Xiao Jiayao, vice leader of “Taiwan Youth Winter Olympics City Volunteer Service Team”, has been thinking about how to apply his professional expertise to the publicity of the Winter Olympics.”Why not combine the Winter Olympics with Taiwan elements?”Under the guidance and organization of Haidian District Youth Federation, he and his partners planned a group of “Cross-strait Creative Theme activities” with Zizhuyuan Street, learning to bless the Winter Olympics in Minnan Dialect, learning to dance “Together for the Future”, fun knowledge question and answer, taking photos with the winter Olympics mascot “Bing Dwen Dwen”, leaving messages on the signature wall…There was a long queue of people tens of meters long.”We hope these special activities will attract more people to learn about and support the Winter Olympics and ignite the Passion of the Olympic Games.”Xiao jiayao told reporters that they also launched a group of special activities around the Lantern Festival, the Winter Olympics and paper-cutting, folk songs, lantern riddles and other elements together, attracting many citizens to participate.