Webank and seven other Chinese companies have been included in The Forbes 2022 Global Blockchain 50 list

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Shenzhen, February 11, 2022 / PRnewswire / — On February 8, 2022, Forbes magazine released its list of the world’s top 50 blockchain companies in 2022.The annual list is designed to select the world’s leading companies in promoting the implementation of blockchain applications, reflecting the practical development of blockchain technology in the industrial field, as well as the gradual spread of influence around the world.Chinese companies accounted for 14 percent of this year’s list, including seven Chinese companies, including Webank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Ant Group and Tencent.Among them, Webank was selected for building an open source alliance chain ecosystem and providing blockchain open source technical support for the “Green Shoots Integral” application developed by Lvpuhui.Micro the bank vice President and chief information officer Ma Zhitao said, “science and technology innovation effectively improve the efficiency of financial services, driven micro Banks pratt &whitney financial development in the future, we expect to find more scenes, through innovation technology such as block chain, and ecosystem partners to serve the public, service the real economy, with financial innovation of science and technology to promote industry digital transformation,Explore the development path “fairness, sustainable and green micro Banks into domestic security controlled block chain since 2015 core technology, build up the new financial and infrastructure oriented whole stack block chain technology system, and in succession since 2017, will face the global open source drection, vigorously promote the formation of the domestic and international open source ecosystem alliance chain so far,Webank officially released 12 major open source projects, covering the underlying layer, middleware and application components, effectively helping the country to promote the implementation of key technology security and control strategy and promote the development of blockchain industrial cluster.Webank’s full stack blockchain technology system links ecological forces with open source technology. Webank builds a sustainable blockchain open source ecosystem through the integration and sharing of technology, business and value. So far, its ecosystem has gathered more than 3,000 institutions and enterprises and 70,000 individual developers.It has accumulated more than 200 benchmark applications in key application fields such as cross-border, government, finance, entertainment, supply chain, Internet of Things, social governance, and human services, forming a large and active open source alliance chain ecosystem.The application of “Green Shoots Points” introduced in this list is a government-level carbon inclusive platform built by Beijing Lvpuhui Network Technology Co., LTD. (referred to as “LvPuhui”) for Luzhou Government.Micro Banks provide social governance framework platform “live” and block chain is an open source technology support green pratt &whitney digital focus green low-carbon life carbon pratt &whitney integrated solution provider “integral” green shoots through quantitative individual behavior to reduce emissions, reward measures of green environmental protection, promote consumption “carbon neutral”, that the carbon emissions data distribution, distribution and other process open and transparent,And it will be scientifically quantified to form a distributed architecture of the green ledger and a set of multi-dimensional system algorithm containing personal green life, realize the link of personal carbon ledger, corporate carbon ledger and government carbon ledger, stimulate the enthusiasm of the whole society to participate in carbon neutrality.”Green shoots integral” also named to the ecological environment action plan “civic ecological civilization consciousness” 2021 top ten public participation case, moreover, block chain also played an important role on cross-border scenarios during outbreaks, micro chain open source technologies to support the bank blocks the way of health code cross-border recognition project to provide both customs clearance convenient transcoding mutual recognition experience,Hundreds of millions of passengers have travelled through Guangdong and Macao.