Tomorrow you will leave, my thoughts are myriad, send sincere blessing, wish you a safe journey

2022-09-19 0 By

The first day of the Spring Festival travel rush, send a message to say hello;Spring Festival holiday will come, home reunion heart look forward to;Tickets to buy in advance, valuables with;I wish you a happy Spring Festival journey!The long-term work is exhausting, and now there is an opportunity to take a break.Then take your heart to travel together!After coming back, I hope to see you never touch the smile.The firefly under the starry sky places my every blessing to you, every beginning of the heartbeat, is my every care for you.Watching the fireflies, listening to the heartbeat.Wish you a pleasant journey!Spring to, temperature rise, humidity, fog gradually thick, go out, wear masks, I wish safety, don’t forget, send text messages, blessing to send, I wish you, happy, happy, good luck around, peace cover.Go out to love yourself, don’t let the body suffer, cheese, milk with pocket, savings card bag, eat to ask where the stomach, don’t let hunger uncomfortable, sightseeing is a good thing, I wish you a happy journey!The bright moonlight in front of your window, that is my affectionate eyes, illuminate the dark road for you, smooth journey for you.I miss you, into the wind, with my blessing blowing to you, I wish you a happy journey!