This Spring Festival, they had a safe year

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This year dalian for the first time the implementation of the city’s administrative areas fireworks sales set off control and what changes are brought about?According to the Notice of Dalian Municipal People’s Government on fireworks Sales and Discharge Control work in 2022, the administrative areas of Dalian are prohibited from burning and setting off fireworks until March 31, 2022.”These good changes are not in the past,” the Spring Festival these days, many citizens have felt, air quality is particularly good, the weather is not particularly cold, in the urban binhai Road, Lianhua Mountain ushered in a lot of people climbing far, hiking fitness.Dalian Ecological environment monitoring center of Liaoning province staff introduction, not only citizens can feel the air quality has become better, our monitoring has also recorded the real ‘good’.On New Year’s Eve of 2022, PM2.5 concentration in urban areas was 40 micrograms/cubic meter, down 59.6% year on year.The concentration of PM10 was 61 μ g/m3, down 54.1% year on year.The peak PM2.5 concentration in the city was 94 micrograms per cubic meter, much lower than last year’s peak of 174 micrograms per cubic meter, indicating a marked improvement in air quality.On New Year’s Eve of January 31, the urban area was only slightly polluted for 2 hours at 12:00 and 13:00 due to adverse diffusion conditions and external pollution transmission. The air quality at other times was excellent, 21 hours less than the number of pollution hours on New Year’s Eve of 2021, and there was no moderate or above pollution period.These good changes were not in the past.This staff member introduced, the implementation of fireworks ban, night air quality has not been affected, this is the city’s New Year’s Eve air quality improvement of the main reason.This year’s New Year’s Eve, firefighters are more “idle”, the city only happened a fire, but the fire is not big, for many years in a row need to go out on New Year’s Eve firefighters finally had a stable year.Dalian fire brigade Huayuankou dingxiang Street station held a party to celebrate the Spring Festival on New Year’s Eve.Ganjingzi fire brigade Zhang Qianlu fire station Liu Shusong said, every Year New Year’s Eve is their most busy time, because the area belongs to the urban and rural joint ministry, New Year’s Eve that day, there will often be firecrackers ignited rural houses, farmers harick, roadside garbage and other fire.Liu Shusong: This year’s New Year’s Eve is very quiet.There used to be at least four or five fires a year around Zhangqian Road, but this year’s New Year’s Eve, there were none.Firefighters finally ate a quiet dinner on New Year’s Eve, even so, everyone is ready, for fear that once there is a task out of the scene is not timely.Xi Gang brigade and Beijing street community residents together rolling dough, and meat, celebrate the New Year.New Year’s Eve Dinner According to relevant sources, during the Spring Festival last year, the city’s fire department received police 16 times, including the disposal of fire accident scene 14, 2 rescue.Although there have been fewer calls this year, firefighters remain on call 24 hours a day to respond to emergency situations.When we hear the signal, we have to put on our personal protective equipment and get on the bus within 30 seconds.Wu Chuang is understood that this year dalian fire still maintain all staff on duty, the implementation of the “local Chinese New Year”.Wu Chuang, who is from Jilin province, has worked as a firefighter in Dalian for 20 years and rarely goes home for Chinese New Year.For him, it is regrettable but worthwhile to turn his deep homesickness and missing for his family into the responsibility and responsibility to protect thousands of families.Information: Dalian Ecological Environment Monitoring Center of Liaoning Province dalian Fire Rescue Detachment Photo: Zhang Chunlei part provided by the interviewed company Art Editor: Pan Xiaoqing Editor: Wang Yu Wang Lin