The provincial Department of Culture and Tourism launched a volunteer service activity of “Writing Spring Couplets and sending blessings” to celebrate the Year of the Tiger

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As the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger is approaching in 2022, zhengzhou citizens are making preparations for the Spring Festival while actively preventing the spread of the virus.Report to help the “double” e school community residents live in a safe, healthy, peaceful and happy Spring Festival, province cultural and tourism administration of the art museum, e court on January 28 morning, together to celebrate the year of the tiger lunar New Year “to write Spring Festival couplets, send blessings” volunteer service activities, invite calligrapher and community hall system calligraphy lovers will strive, send New Year wishes.Provincial culture and tourism department party members, deputy director, a level inspector Qu Jing attended, and splashed ink to send “fu”.Organ party committee deputy secretary, civilization office director Zhu Hua attended.Best wishes to the community residents to “fu” wind chills, snowflakes fluttering, party branch secretary Dong Jiwu province art gallery, curator in the meeting, early in the morning with five calligrapher came to e school community, and community calligraphy lovers gathered in the community activity room, set the table, grind good grinding juice, the latter wrote the couplet elegantly.The content of the couplet is closely related to the theme of The Times, keeping up with the pulse of The Times, catchy and lofty;The different fonts of couplets, some vigorous, some picturesque, some dragon and feng dance, or flowing, fully show the skill and foundation of calligrapher.At the event, volunteers in red vests watched calligraphers’ writing skills while helping them prepare paper and lay the couplets on the ground to dry.Activity room suddenly lively, enveloped in a thick festive atmosphere.Activity room festival atmosphere strong community residents have come to the community activity room, there is no lack of calligraphy enthusiasts, they also joined the writing couplets in the team, or original, or copy, a brushstroke a painting, a move a type, enjoy the happiness of calligraphy.There are also many young people eager to have a try, although the writing is a little stiff, less professional skills, but also enjoy it.Calligraphy enthusiasts in the community at the scene of the activity of writing Spring Festival couplets, calligrapher said that they were very happy to participate in the volunteer service activities, in the current special period, such activities are of special significance, and wish the community residents to have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.Community cadres and residents said that the provincial Department of Culture and Tourism took advantage of cultural resources and organized calligraphers to write Spring Festival couplets for community residents, bringing warmth and blessings to the residents. Thank you very much.All participants hope that the epidemic will disappear as soon as possible, and the people will return to a healthy and harmonious living environment as soon as possible, so that they can share the prosperity of the prosperous times.Calligrapher writing Spring Festival couplets writing Spring Festival couplets, pasting Spring Festival couplets is a time-honored cultural tradition in China.Every Spring Festival, no matter urban or rural, every family should pick beautiful red Spring Festival couplets posted on the door, to bid farewell to the old year and usher in the New Year, increasing the festive festive atmosphere.Spring Festival couplets with neat, concise and exquisite words to depict good images, express good wishes, is a unique literary form in China, is an important custom of Chinese New Year.